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RT @ChrisKross77: Like nothing she did before but still classic @MissyElliott Let’s celebrate all the magic she already gave us whil… https://t.co/kU1kluaWqD
RT @Dazkys: me emailing my professor after not doing yet another assignment https://t.co/9HN0wcYkEz
@www1919kimu_s14 悲しかった…
Missy won’t stop saying “Bone Daddy” to refer to Jack Skellington and I’m about ready to move out
Mahalnamahalko Bespren ko 😍💞 -missy
こっちこそ乃木坂に 「ありがとう」しかないよ。。 こんな時にでも湧く批判厨は許せない
RT @DearAuntCrabby: https://t.co/ZbnSFBifNm What the hell is THIS all about!?!?
RT @_ayosworldd: When I finally think I got my life back on track https://t.co/w7yMIJXmWB
I hate when adults talk about others’ kids when theirs are just as bad, if not worse.
RT @MaddowBlog: BREAKING: Native Americans push back on North Dakota voter ID rule, announcing in a new statement they will issue s… https://t.co/gqqkvYL1km
@okmtaym 大丈夫!大会のアドレナリンで、身体が動きます!心拍数もいつも+10ぐらいは楽にいけます。最初の入りを周りに惑わされず、2-3kmは身体温めるウォームアップと思って、ゆっくり。大丈夫。応援してるよ〜📣💪💪
Naaa me ha representado tanto como en el episodio de big Mouth en donde el reflejo de missy la insulta y la hace sentir insegura jajajajajaj
@moneylaiy i dont like that attitude missy
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@hanana__banana Hey don't get sassy with my missy
RT @JCrongeyer: The fucking Saudis dismembered an American resident from Virginia who worked for WAPO while he was still fucking AL… https://t.co/33kaO42j5h
So I could be with my sweet missy, yeah
i rode on missy’s little square ass backpack
RT @moonIightgrace: little mix. missy elliot again with more missy this time https://t.co/5C3cOmqosz