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@SLMH17 Thank you for the "follow" 😘
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@Missy_Chrissi 😳warum kommt die Polizei da nicht?
@yashar @pbump @evanperez Biologist. Field work. Office.
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@TheTrickyHippo @WhovianLeap Twelve isn't above criticism, but he knows it. "Then shame on you, Doctor", said Danny… https://t.co/Gw8bWtEfy4
RT @treljara: Nisam lepa, nemam sise al dusu sto imam..nema niko.
RT @LesleyRiddoch: Jacob Rees-Mogg is in line for huge Brexit personal windfall. Health care in England has netted £100m for Virgin's… https://t.co/4i02HflgnG
@TiticacaCat Me 2, but mommy crushes the pills & puts them in my food!! -- Missy
Джек в Торчвуде: - Hang on, missy! С П А С И Т Е
@Missy_Cordial That's the tricky part of it, though love isva risk right, & I just want someone who knows is avrisk… https://t.co/y40zp4f0sg
@HWarlow This one makes my palms sweaty. The person looking over the edge is triggering my acrophobia... not funny missy; )
@Missy__Jen @benshapiro Should probably checkout Instagram comments from his fans and get back to me. Specifically Jimmy Kimmel’s posts.
Happy Bday @marissausage enjoy your day Missy 😘