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RT @ayestheticallyy: How can some people sleep so tight knowing they cheated on someone they love?
RT @IamGMJohnson: That’s...literally the words and sound of Missy Elliot’s “Work it” https://t.co/5BQX8E9kiU
beep beep “Who got the head that make ya sleep” or whatever missy Elliot said 🤣
RT @ms_forthright: @jellyycious Wooooaaahhhhhh!!! Congratulations @Vivo_Phil, you chose your endorser well! That was a brilliant prom… https://t.co/bFsIoQtcSi
Old guy at the park, quietly but firmly to his giant schnauzer: you’re a good girl, missy, but you do Bad Things
RT @IamShainaJaye: When you in bed instead of bussin it open like a freak https://t.co/pLM0NRaiPr
having a jam session w. my 8 mo. old niece , we goin up to Missy Elliot lol she vibin’ hard 😆
RT @worldwidekaii: Let's take a look shall we: Beyoncé Janet Jackson Kelly Rowland Ciara Missy Elliot Brandy Tamar Braxton Kelly Cl… https://t.co/xmJ8JSRAAE
RT @MissaelaJustino: [25/5 22:37] bixaaa: Vem p cá [25/5 22:37] bixaaa: Vou me banhar só [25/5 22:37] Missy 🔥: vou tomar banho e vou [25… https://t.co/lWrmH1lvCR
"I got a cute face chubby waist, thick legs in shape" Missy said that shit lmaoo
I hope nicki wins the vanguard then tweet smack cam to missy Elliot then got followed by nicki
@013_missy @crissles You are stronger than you know. If you are a Reddit user, this subreddit helped me to take tho… https://t.co/uQckPBnh9B
@WannasWorld the pompom part is verbatim 100% Missy
This has happened more than a few times. Misty isn’t a nickname. My “real name” isn’t Melissa. Nor is it Missy, Min… https://t.co/jSyUq5GYaK
There must be some misunderstanding, there must be some kind of mistake... #FromFriendToFiance
『順位取り戻させてください❗️👀』 - MixChannel LIVEを配信中!#ミクチャ https://t.co/CCwXwa7MZW
Eu sempre levo e sempre passo frio ;-; https://t.co/TS6j4yPUaw
RT @WannasWorld: Missy Elliot’s “Pass That Dutch” was on the mood board before they created this song. https://t.co/GTDJ0dNHFt