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Skirt skirt! Christal the missile finds her path to the try zone! Another kick from Cash Money and the Banshees are up 19-0
@epinillas @HeidiHa42620225 @mjh56830210 @CNN 18, 000 miles per hour, every satellite will be destroyed. At this po… https://t.co/LXiLgGxRGc
RT @_Pax_Americana_: 3rd ACR 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment troopers observe a Javelin anti-tank missile live fire while deployed to Iraq… https://t.co/AHvSxU6rhP
RT @_Pax_Americana_: Photos From The Front Lines . . . Pray For A Safe 2018 For All US Armed Forces - Kill Bad Guys! 3rd Cavalry Regim… https://t.co/3Cexeg2SgI
Those kappa are polishing the missile.
@cancer4dikinson Hopefully the Cuban Cruz missile himself will nip that skinny lil' bastard in the bud in Nov and that'll be that. Annoying.
RT @KennardMatt: FT didn’t mind when a Saudi missile blew 40 children on a bus to pieces just two months ago in Yemen. Why didn’t yo… https://t.co/9obCIpIHDA
World War 3: Russia nuclear weapon test as Vladimir Putin warns US over missile | World | News |… https://t.co/iVDF4OiO5Y
Side note. Can we talk about Texas A&Ms punter? Guy has a fucking missile for a leg
Deandre Walker came in like a missile on that sack. Wow. Look at the play here. The left guard was up too high. Lowest man wins the battle
RT @DIXIEDOODLE12: @Akhusa Did u not see this? Hillary's missile to hit #JFKJr's plane was INTERCEPTED=missed=detoured=destroyed!!!… https://t.co/yqeMr5kpPN
@JustFlandre magic missile? magic missile.
中国語単語「导弹(dǎodàn)[名]ミサイル、missile」イラスト https://t.co/NUE9yWKPEY
@WalleyVision Looks like it’s going as well as the last Trident missile test the UK undertook near Florida
RT @dafengcao: Wing Loong Ⅱ UAV conducted ground target firing tests with multiple missile weapons recently. https://t.co/FaPwPicoyj
RT @SecPompeo: .@StateDept’s Iran Action Group just released a report on https://t.co/NxI9CzQybM detailing the Iranian regime’s de… https://t.co/4lcAK1M4tL
@MrsMidnightyt And to delay Raiders and Super Mutants while I prop up the missile launcher.
RT @FutureisIsIam: India is buying Rafale jets from France but our newly appointed PM have succesfully launched Made in Pakistan Goatz… https://t.co/mRhvWcGL36
RT @RSS_40: 6 Ост 1986 USSR NAVY SSBN K-219 (667AU type) sank at a depth of 5500 m in Atlantic Ocean due to an explosion of liq… https://t.co/EKJxOCceic
Líbí se mi video @YouTube https://t.co/G7iXvd908p Moscow Moscow Missile Meme!
จบไม่ลง แม้หกพันคำ ถถถถถถถถถถถถถ
RT @DeptofDefense: MT @USMC: #ICYMI Yesterday, the @USNavy christened its newest guided-missile destroyer in honor of the first Africa… https://t.co/UbKEVCKTnk