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RT @CNN: Ouch! Researchers at Virginia Tech are crashing drones into dummies in the name of safety https://t.co/ioL4IsBXHf https://t.co/J2KVhzG8n8
Non ci posso credere!!! Dal Messaggero vengo a sapere che Virginia Raggi prenderà a fine mandato 16 mila euro.... https://t.co/IYe0mUHmtJ
@LLUpdates @daisuki_net ...can we get a viewing in the northern virginia or dc area....????
RT @GreerKyle93: @StormHour This evening sunset picture I took at Dandy Point in Hampton, Virginia at 5:17pm https://t.co/BbiWvRvY9i
(오렌지 먹고싶어) (오ㅏ그작)
RT @aTrishaYonce: It's either Virginia Beach or ATL... but if I don't hit the A I'm going later for orange crush 😈
Animal rights charity PETA killed almost 90 per cent of dogs and cats placed in the care of the shelter at its Virg… https://t.co/uT0zIgIQ1j
RT @GaryAHarki: Ricky Gray was pronounced dead at 9:42 p.m. Executed for killing the children of Bryan and Kathy Harvey in 2006. https://t.co/5zYQ5whPYR
Видео "Oklahoma vs West Virginia basketball 2017 Game Recap (Jan. 18)" (https://t.co/FN34DKJZ0Y) на @YouTube добавлено
Oklahoma vs West Virginia basketball 2017 Game Recap (Jan. 18): https://t.co/FN34DKJZ0Y на @YouTube
@1205fiorella @romi_andrio @66liuk @LaStampa eeeh si vede che virginia era sui tetti con i gabbiani
Stunning upset could sting West Virginia all the way to March https://t.co/6KEZRbPYrT via @ChatSports #WVU
ไปทำงานก่อนนะ เดี๋ยวกลับมาดูต่อ #อยากสตรีมใจจะขาด แต่ถ้าไม่ทำงาน เดี๋ยวไม่มีเงินซื้อ #ARMYBOMB_ver2
Stunning upset could sting West Virginia all the way to March https://t.co/M1brbxbkCg https://t.co/3vrg2mCk6W
#BajoCeroEP q interés tenéis en la defensa de unos presuntos violadores? Dais MUCHO #asco haciendo esas preguntas capciosas...💩
RT @The_RGA: New Poll: Republicans are in strong position to win back the Virginia governorship this November:… https://t.co/96SQopoE9Z