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RT @nytimes: Voter fraud? A Trump nominee looks as if he cast an illegal ballot. https://t.co/hZI0DMafRw
Jeanette from West Virginia: "I am looking a man for serious relationship!" https://t.co/FGEuKlehX7 https://t.co/CdMyXijHBB
Bryce Douglass excels @ DMV Elite 80, excellent 6'3" WG for Centreville HS & DC Premier D1 potential.… https://t.co/4TfWBHCVgo
RT @AP_Top25: Virginia hands Boise State its worst home loss since 2001. https://t.co/nUop5iFfHT
RT @ecnarac: Y así dos barcos. ¿Como os quedáis? #GoToBcn https://t.co/JMZeNrmf9O
RT @CrownHernandez: This is what goes through Virginia drivers heads when they see you trying to merge onto the highway https://t.co/IPYffqJ9Tb
Concierge: Become a Customer Support Rep - Christiansburg - #Elliston , VA (https://t.co/k47J0gH07W) Get Concierge Jobs
Visiting local businesses in Burton , perhaps this garden centre has the second best Virginia Creeper ?#Ruralwatch https://t.co/0kVRtr49Oq
Web Systems Engineer - Brentwood, TN - #Chesapeake , VA (https://t.co/4iZrOjV5fN) Get Computer Systems Analyst Jobs
www dot BlacksburgFor dot me In the region: Virginia Tech men's soccer upsets No. 1 Notre Dame ... - Roanoke Ti... https://t.co/mogX82g1ln
バージニア級、USSコロラド、xboxでググった結果も、だいたい「潜望鏡」で一致。 https://t.co/czr2hdIxpB
RT @PoliceEport: This has to be the most stunning Virginia Creeper I've come across.Great day for cycle patrol.#Thinkbike https://t.co/LkKBIwFZg0
📦 📨 #Shipment Same Day #Delivery services in the neighborhood Virginia, Maryland, DC. https://t.co/Ra4Y73r8su
RT @virginiaraggi: Presentato nuovo progetto riqualificazione Ex Mercati Generali. Dopo 15 anni di immobilismo, costruiamo il futuro:… https://t.co/E7hBFNvgWC
@julia_zemiro @virginia_gay 😠
Back then, Muslims were often called Mahometans. And Thomas Jefferson explained that the Virginia Statute for Religious
A new INTELLIGENCE LEAK from the Virginia coal industry- thank you!
In the Sept issue of Slavery & Abolition: Slave owning overseers in eighteenth-century Virginia and South Carolina https://t.co/KRsEWwGToF
Virginia Rodriguez: "I am married but do no enjoy the company of husband anymore." https://t.co/ym5ojyVTyJ https://t.co/EP1N3KCBVx
RT @HombreLento: Mandáis a 1.500 picoletos a Barcelona en un barco de Piolín y luego queréis que el Assange distinga las noticias fake de las verdaderas.
RT @SwimmingWorld: Four More to Virginia: Justin Grender, Oliver Rus, Nico Ferrara, Jake Greenberg https://t.co/iFpZ9aO70K https://t.co/YuAI9KLFLX
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