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RT @Reuters: Former Border Patrol officials question Trump plan to add agents https://t.co/0MGGRayFNX
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RT @whywitness: it still makes me emotional @USA_Network #wewanteyewitnessseason2 and we'll never give up on this show! https://t.co/tTx9D9HOJN
RT @carlbildt: It's Friday. And President Trump is "totally in favor " of EU. Fine. Tomorrow is Saturday. And then comes Sunday. https://t.co/Xac5OmsNsc
RT @TeaPainUSA: Nothin' says GOP patriotism like chantin' USA!, USA! while waivin' Russian flags. #TrumpRussia https://t.co/fhvFbBowgo
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RT @JohnFromCranber: You'd Think #AmericaFirst Wouldn't be Controversial, But Leftists/Neocons Are Working Against Best Interests of USA… https://t.co/1wyn6YjSki
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ILLEGAL immigrants. The most important problem in the USA https://t.co/IXZ263txZa via @YouTube
RT @POTUS: 'Trump on track to aggressively address immigration, crime' https://t.co/cnXPj3bNnF
#Iran ready to give U.S. 'slap in the face': commander #IRGC #BlacklistIRGC https://t.co/suH5Gy3OxY … via @Reuters
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New post (Back pain? This is why SEX could be the treatment you need) has been published on Today USA -… https://t.co/OZZuBjVYWg
RT @vsphx: qd passo muito tempo a falar com determinada pessoa, acabo por começar a usar também algumas das expressões q essa pessoa usa