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RT @mishacollins: A man elected as President of the USA turned out to be possessed by Satan (& tonight, the same storyline played out on #Supernatural).
#NSA workers leaving in ‘increasingly large numbers’ following @Snowden leaks https://t.co/jgIW2UPzEI
RT @US_Army_Vet: Muslim Brotherhood's Plan to Destroy the USA🇺🇸& Takeover►https://t.co/fJx315jWZf @TawnyaSchultz4 @kathystone1221 https://t.co/FT5kYR92m8
RT @ourfanworld: En USA el celular mas barato y básico que pueden traer es un iPhone 5 y una aquí con el nokia de lamparita alv
RT @harrystaysafe: im sorry usa but you are never going to find a better cast they are so pure talented and amazing humans just dont t… https://t.co/flCxxWXmpF
Disgraced ex-NBC ‘fake news’ journalist Brian Williams on crusade against false reporting https://t.co/NAcxr6pkNL
Trump's threats chill corporate investment plans in Mexico - Reuters https://t.co/Y0cJrNlKSp
RT @DeptofDefense: We reflect on a life well lived. #RIP to legendary astronaut, U.S. senator & #Marine John Glenn… https://t.co/JoFrw8zwYw
As Bandanas estão se tornando o acessório preferidos de muita gente por aí, são diversas maneiras de usá-las dos... https://t.co/O9IFSq0GCN
@glimasenna nãaoooo semana que vem vou usa-lo kkkkk
Ex-New York Mayor Giuliani not Trump's pick for secretary of state: CNN https://t.co/QOVlXnoeWi
Starting today thru Christmas "The 4Men Holiday Sales Event". You have to come in and see all… https://t.co/Xk3Umi0hqU
How Will You Die? Top Causes of Death in the USA - https://t.co/cKaMqZFqn7 https://t.co/oxjgOGCHNu
On Nov. 8 there may be millions of criminals in the USA. Stand for freedom. Enlist at https://t.co/cwjCGb36ZX. https://t.co/ZKz03qgKPR
On Nov. 8 there may be millions of criminals in the USA. Stand for freedom. Enlist at https://t.co/oSPeY48nOh. https://t.co/ATiFDrQJWJ
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RT @Workers4Trump: Hillary Clinton tried to create a narrative that Benghazi attack originated because of an Internet Video Today she complains about Fake News
@WolfeyGlick so informative thank you so much GO USA