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دانا بفستان شفاف عارى وبدون ملابس داخلية..شاهد الصور.. https://t.co/xm1ZOI5AHD تفريش كلبه XYMG https://t.co/dN1djUFWjQ
RT @smartvalueblog: RT America's traitors & Soros's whores. #USA #America #Americans #PJNET #military #NRA #Trump #Cruz #Congress @GOP https://t.co/ZKw9x2MO9B
@usa_satcom @uhf_satcom Great shot! What are those processing steps?
RT @SenatorMenendez: Under #Trumpcare, health care coverage guaranteed by Mediciad will be taken away from 18 MILLION Latinos throughout the USA. #KillTheBill
RT @ALDUBNationPam: Abangers TeamAbroad ds April KS squad goes to USA @mainedcm @aldenrichards02 & the Lolas. #ALDUBKSsaUS… https://t.co/W8oeaGJ5ch
Uchoa usa umas palavras que eu nunca ouvi na vida
انا سهرانه مش لاقيه حد احكيلوا ع مشاكلى مين سهران الليلة يدخل يكلمنى من الشات دة.. https://t.co/fd1Ywr69ad تفريش ك… https://t.co/gpN1nkAayG
Usa, «Trump non ha i numeri» L’Obamacare rimane in vigore ! Ma dai allora è vero che é tutta una BUFALA!
RT @US_Army_Vet: RyanCare Defeat►https://t.co/wldB5Psw2w Ryan anti-Veteran & evil…stupid too! He can't count votes! @DebFreedomVoice… https://t.co/FIK0iMY7PV
بالفيديو دخل عليها اخوها .. فوجدها تصورها نفسها شاهد ماذا فعل.. https://t.co/hrgmH36vgQ تفريش كلبه 8U1U https://t.co/te6ggSQ2m6
RT @michael_w_busch: Reminder, USA: Trump is ordering drone attacks, air strikes, & infantry raids with no regard for how many civilians… https://t.co/eSQmZJ00jp
@VeteransTake @TheDemocrats * loaded.question. USA isn't peaceful. Isis are terrorists.
لو عايز تشوف باقى صورى وتكلمنى واتس اب اضغط على الرابط.. https://t.co/1IXkRNe9Eh تفريش كلبه G5PD https://t.co/0VNFFp2dFW
@oceanbreeze5355 In the USA we have the freedom of speech. I am exercising my freedom. You sound angry about that.
RT @MarjInnocent: IMO, the people of the USA need to decide whether good health and access to health care are a right for all citizens. Let's start there.
RT @Reuters: Tillerson to visit Turkey as Raqqa operation heats up https://t.co/zSUtLRttUZ https://t.co/YwV6q39nwP
RT @LizaWiemer: One lucky winner will win a signed copy of Jennifer E. Smith & Jeff Zentner's latest novels. RT/follow by 4-25, 11:… https://t.co/rQmuRKIXMR
RT @TEN_GOP: Muslims chant: "USA you will pay, caliphate is on its way". They have no desire to assimilate. They want Islamic St… https://t.co/k5RX7BGnRM
اللى عايز يشوف باقى صورى و كمان رقمى كل اللى عليك انك تضغط على اللينك ده.. https://t.co/IIo4yE01qv تفريش كلبه NOSF https://t.co/dSQ4JYByX5
RT @smartvalueblog: RT Firearms are 2nd only to The Constitution in importance. #USA #Patriots #PJNET #NRA #2A #Congress @tedcruz @GOP https://t.co/eJUXi6lUpP