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Pessoal que usa a erva aí, faça a alegria de alguém. https://t.co/4acD4eMJoC
Outdoor lighting from @FLOS_USA, @globallighting, @landscapeforms, and more, that offers endless applications:… https://t.co/c4zLWSr3Rg
RT @ddg_usa: Principal Haris Koentjoro presented at #InstitutTeknologiBandung with Prof. Danisworo as an honored guest https://t.co/9sZo7mdMAP
Don't Shut Trains Out Of The Driverless Innovation Cycle https://t.co/qsbPea4VB7 #politics
RT @nevidferrel: Buen dato para #usa #arizona #nuevomexico #Texas #california #Nevada A estas alturas ya hay un o una… https://t.co/Z4uZ5oXBrb
RT @RepMarciaFudge: Exercising your right to vote isn't partisan, it's personal. Join thousands of your fellow Americans and #VoteEarly. https://t.co/T5PkEwRMqw
.@FreeBeacon I sure wish mothers of these Liberals believed in abortion... Hillary's mother should have aborted Hil… https://t.co/GHEPj7L5rS
RT @ROBERTOMARRERO: Papa Francisco fue quien medio con los Castro acuerdos Cuba USA. Así q conoce bien a los jefes de Nicolas, sabe q no es tarea Fácil
RT @williameizarra: El plan toma de Venezuela por el Comando Sur USA es inminente. No se sabe el día D pero se estima su inicio antes del 31.10.
RT @chartsmcyrus: iTunes USA: 56. The Climb - Soundance Head (The Voice Performance) 97. The Climb - Miley Cyrus *peak #1* https://t.co/YmxXsCaPAA
FTC sticks "Made in USA" rules in suit vs glue company. $220k remedy. Take care in using this and similar phrases.https://t.co/fLV6p9K4HW
RT @LukewSavage: The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is sponsoring some seriously Brave New World shit: https://t.co/DBOoqnPkBC
We're #hiring! Read about our latest #job opening here: Sales Consultant - https://t.co/T7QPVtjGYT #Sales #USA #CareerArc
RT @ww_tayu: Σ鋼の皆さん、東京でもオンリーやるみたいですよ! https://t.co/nMe5CnO4ra 気付いていらっしゃったらスミマセン><
@carlbildt so sorry to bring this up again. But nothing has changed, USA is always USA. https://t.co/PIRwWcCdRU
NIOSH:New research shows revised NIOSH lifting equation has helped improve worker safety https://t.co/4NEaQMy3Bchttps://t.co/3B6lmqffA6)
@usa_cuga ได้ sony ก็เยอะละนะ ปทุมค่าครองชีพไม่สูงเท่ากทม. ด้วย เสียดายแทน 555555555