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RT @RealJack: There's no debate. The Clinton Foundation is finished because they don't have political power. Just proves how disgusting USA politics is.
RT @PakPressWatch: 'Dr' Amir Liaquat visa 2 USA cancelled ovr money-laundering charges, he raised money during last USA trip n fraudulently sent it abroad 2/4
@UnsolvedRHYME The democratic pick for POTUS/HRC, DID break the law...more than once!
Ese es el mal servicio que prestan siempre, y se quejan cuando se usa otro servicio seguro, limpio, honesto y que c… https://t.co/sljHxM8J5p
RT @USA_Biz: May’s Brexit: going it alone, hoping for an EU trade deal https://t.co/8Erj4FKT9F #USA #US #USBiz
@chelseahandler what a dumb waste of time march. Get the fuck out of the USA 🇺🇸!
RT @frankmacekwkyc: #BREAKING Nigeria mistakenly bombs refugee camp, killing dozens (USA TODAY) #3News
RT @ShaunKing: NYPD harasses, arrests black Army vet. Then taunts him w/ racist Trump BS. False Charges. USA. https://t.co/toMkj9Dj4r
USA is a culture of DEVILS living in Fear with millions of guns to kill innocent people by devils who can't see reflection in MIRROR.
RT @SenoraCatolica: Cuando veo a alguien que usa funda de iPhone con agujero para que se vea "la manzana" pienso: Pobrecito,¿necesitará afecto? ya habrá comido?
@realDonaldTrump #WrongWrongWrong! More than 74% of USA Cares Very, Very, Much About Seeing U R Taxes showing Inves… https://t.co/2KOTIUJ6VM
We're #hiring! Click to apply: Foreign Language Teacher-Renaissance Charter School at Palms West - https://t.co/8lNHqn82ZS #Loxahatchee, FL
RT @JohnRMoffitt: #TheResistance #FiveDayCountdown #TerribleTuesday #NoFascistUSA Russia & the FBI jumped right in there to assist Fa… https://t.co/NjGYm5Ez7V
@ingfah1101 มันจะมีพวกชื่อประเทศที่มีวิทยุเป็นของตัวเอง ใช้แบบฟอร์มจาก U.S ในเอเชียก็มีจีน กับอินโดนีเซียเป็นเจ้าแรกๆ แล้วก็แคนาดาใช้ตาม USA
RT @UniversalSpain: .@machinegunkelly y @camilacabello97 arrasan en listas de ventas, streamings y radio en USA y Europa con #BadThings… https://t.co/qbMrZW231O
#DonaldTrump is going to be sued over sexual assault allegations https://t.co/htlw0g8jlF #Drumpf #Trump #POTUS #USA! #poli
RT @SardegnaToday: #Trump: primo #summit in #Islanda con #Putin - Mondo Il primo summit di Donald Trump da presidente degli Usa sarà... https://t.co/O77ozeQu9S
<iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" height="195"... https://t.co/BWtRzxOugK
RT @a_lutacontinua: 300 US Marines land in Norway, the first time since WWII foreign troops have been allowed to station there https://t.co/3CxblXUq9X