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RT @marcelosilva_to: Moro estudou crimes financeiros em Harvard e no FBI. Sabe que o crime organizado usa depósitos fatiados para dribla… https://t.co/ngA22OkO8q
@Halbkorn warum funktioniert das in der schweiz dass jeder waffen kaufen darf aber in den usa nicht
RT @Reuters: Women to march in hundreds of U.S. cities for third straight year https://t.co/G0NQodgr4d https://t.co/kQGIeWhMUL
RT @hmschuldt: I am fighting for 3.3 million pregnancies in the USA for 19 more days. You can help me by asking 100 pro life peopl… https://t.co/77SRlZtVBs
@realDonaldTrump Republicans control in both houses for two years, you came in and after two years under your idiot… https://t.co/81gT7u8SuE
RT @Distinct_Words: 100,000 Supporters Turn Out for Annual March for Life -- USA Today Reports 'More Than a Thousand,' CNN and MSNBC CO… https://t.co/aoTOYDlelr
Don't be shy. Score a job like "Diesel Technician/Mechanic PB" at Penske Truck Leasing by asking for referrals. It'… https://t.co/KDWviXrQfU
RT @sariita129: ¿QUIEN EN PLENO 2019 USA TWITTER EN BLANCO??????
@ge_peixe Ele tem que começar a ler as noticias do time que ele comanda...
RT @MrCarguaitongo: No os pasa que después de estar hablando mucho con una persona se os pega las palabras y frases que usa??????? porque a mi sí jajjaj.
A thread...for #Yazidis 😢 #StopYazidisGenocide (100's still hv psychological trauma)... @NadiaMuradBasee @MSFhttps://t.co/u1ATvou7cU
RT @blablablameupau: Luisa Sonza está FORA do dvd de nego do Borel Luisa Sonza saiu do avião em que Bolsonaro estava Luisa Sonza se ap… https://t.co/wjJ46IzdK1
No soy el único verdad que piensa que esas caravanas de inmigrantes son financiadas por USA para tener una excusa p… https://t.co/N4aWnOaAJB
RT @miilagroscanete: No les pasa que después de estar mucho con una persona se les pega las palabras y frases que usa???????
音楽ニュース【“新生”氣志團「恋」「USA」アレンジの「One Night Carnival」で1万人 . . . 】と突如小芝居が始まり、「… https://t.co/uT9tGgWhrT https://t.co/tPpYYjvXPM #music #音楽
RT @judebever: Match day : FRANCE / USA 🏟 : Stade Océane - Le Havre ⏰ : 20h45 📺 : @W9 #FRAUSA @equipedefrance 🔵⚪️🔴 https://t.co/Ls463qoxNI
RT @LOCMaps: These detailed map-based infographics of the 1872, 1876, and 1880 presidential election results come from Scribner'… https://t.co/Ht2VQSWrDk
RT @GIJoeOPS: Dear @POTUS, On behalf of all #Deplorables, please read below. We have your back...know that! #PatriotsUnited… https://t.co/6wg2RS232D
RT @Der_Postillon: USAxit: Trump kündigt an, dass USA ebenfalls aus der EU austreten #USAxit #Brexit https://t.co/FKuXuFrct3
RT @luizguiprado: O presidente usa o Twitter pra chamar adversário de marmita, pra retuitar conta fake, pra postar print de adolescen… https://t.co/sfpUk02oDy
@Laurestar What’s most important is; He has gone to the USA & back, ready for the debate. Is lifeless Buhari ready for the debate?
RT @ilycloures: usa a lingua pra beijar nao para falar mal dos outros
RT @prtphotos_bkk: กางเกงตัวใหญ่หรือน้อลผอมลง? ติ๊กต่อกๆๆๆๆ #เป๊กผลิตโชค #palitgallery #prtphotos #peckpalitchoke https://t.co/yfmoexFkST