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RT @AVENAoficial: E @Anitta ARREGONA!! O medo do dinheiro “Rosa” falou mais alto. Vergonha de ter defendido essa cagona sem palavra!… https://t.co/UMmTNUoydo
Joan Rivers Floral Crystals Bee Pin Brooch With Box perfect gift for her #joanrivers @usa @Russia @eBay @amazonhttps://t.co/Wp4vM4Ku6W
RT @t3ddyyyyy: tem um seguidor q usa minha dm só pra salvar link pornô e pensou q eu nunca fosse ver 😂 https://t.co/K1h34n0Mwi
@patcrawford500 Pat for live fine in USA How need for month???????
RT @dstamato: Se vienen los scanner 3D para la aduana de USA https://t.co/0JFhiFg2F2
@koepombo Sei que não sou menina, mas Desculpa. Aliás, alguém usa twitter pra ser positivo?
RT @GaryLeroy9: Serious minded babies only, first 100 babies to retweet and follow will get $1500. PayPal and cash app only. I repe… https://t.co/ECSov5Zbd3
RT @TurkeyPurge: Presidential Spokesperson @ikalin1: “Turkey's Intelligence Organization will continue its operations in the countri… https://t.co/cKWRpMWGrt
RT @qeutglck: o cara usa droga para pegar mulher dro gado d+++ kkkkkkkkkk
RT @gamesyouloved: THE BEST CAR...EVER!! 🚘 From @Real_LastGamer ・・・ Daytona USA in real life. This project was done over a weekend… https://t.co/wbFi6n4AHK
RT @taesjiaer: bts in the usa: nice show guys!! bts in canada: i love you so much ur everything i could have asked for and more if… https://t.co/SnF58oMCkT
Por qué La Capuñay y Keiko hablan con la misma voz, el mismo tonito, la misma velocidad, la misma mirada con sonris… https://t.co/1IaNEvDoSV
Em troca de dinheiro e um carro bom tem mano que rebola e usa até batom
whose ready for a paper on 🚨🚨🚨 Open Sky Agreements and the United States regulation of European Airlines 🚨🚨🚨 Appa… https://t.co/2lfkfdIHmn
RT @QualitySMC: Democrats are at it again‼️ 2 students at the party, the wife of another student, & three other Yale classmates all… https://t.co/FeQp25T4nG
@GartrellLinda They have no shame. If they ever get power again they will turn the USA into a sh!thole.
@cetvs @tylerthecreator tbm usa na capa do single "Globin" :)
Estudante de medicina usa avental nas aulas no primeiro semestre exatamente por que?
Accuser of Trump's Supreme Court nominee to testify on Thursday https://t.co/ghcyHBWYzH
RT @GamerKevMo: #ElPolitigato 22 Venezuela vs. USA ¿Qué podría salir mal? https://t.co/skfpdy4zeA
RT @zacharyatkins1: Enchantment - Soft Lights,Sweet Music LP https://t.co/gKw2vOvr76 @eBay #SEO #Marketing #shopsmall #SmallBusiness… https://t.co/vZ7FR0dbSY
RT @TrendsNTR: Young Tiger #NTR @tarak9999's #AravindhaSametha Additional theaters List in USA... More locations to be added. St… https://t.co/AfZGxiDE6T
RT @segregustavo: #PorUnaArgentinaMejor Vino Argentino en supermercado de USA Esto aumenta las exportaciones que aumenta el empleo… https://t.co/dLx5RKnnG5