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RT @belugasolar: Trump "Not Fit To Clean Toilets" Claims USA Today Editorial Board | CleanTechnica #BelugaSolar https://t.co/CNxMxGkaIn
I have 16 new followers from USA, and more yesterday. See https://t.co/DwB7Af58E9 https://t.co/2sWV69JPxN
RT @_SrPelo_: When you don't live in USA and your net neutrality is super ok But then your country starts copying their shit https://t.co/RE3IriLvZd
RT @6BillionPeople: The #NetNeutrality votes are in… For the repeal: @AjitPaiFCC @BrendanCarrFCC @mikeofcc Against the repeal:… https://t.co/rtMZU69xeO
Aviones de USA interceptan a aeronaves rusas en Siria https://t.co/ez73KuVjZw
My followers live in Mexico (69%), USA(9%)... Get your free map: https://t.co/8IiKWa4n2G https://t.co/oA0EhJn0rH
Lamborghini Urus Ushers In New Era for Italian Supercar Brand https://t.co/U3NSZ41otL
RT @smFISHMAN: The fact #WWENXT did so well in the ratings on USA Network shows we can have nice things. #WWE
@PolitiShox @BuffBezos 😵 good grief .. none too soon: before bezos single -handedly decided USA enemy needed the in… https://t.co/Z9gGn6jF4v
RT @ThomasWictor: (20) Why wasn't LEBANESE Hezbollah present? Because they too have evacuated Syria. https://t.co/6kj6cnl59u
RT @MochaBtomy: There’s my tweet on @agnezmo’s moment “AGNEZ MO USA” 😭😭😭 Thank You so much for added my tweet to your moment… https://t.co/ENEtEj9dUf
quem quer arrumar emprego em 2018 usa qual cor de roupa na virada?
@antoniosoto2000 @Quintero_Funes @maibortpetit Primero la severidad de la justicia colombiana no es la misma que en… https://t.co/ft9GYbTJu8
RT @instagranzin: pra qm acha q nois usa a mesma legging todo dia... https://t.co/Ke8ItNRGuZ
@Twitootweet @tb6sud Je t'invite à lire le livre de Stiglitz (américains, prix nobel d'économie): "Le prix de l'iné… https://t.co/C2yQXFauci
RT @BakedNorwegian: Norwegian MSM has pretty much copied this article with the title "USA's black belt" and writes about the horrors.… https://t.co/aUfaC6vJjW
@AnnMiller99 🇺🇸 FOR SALE - Buy American Flags - Made USA - https://t.co/a07xTyNEQf - Patriotic Gear - Desk Flags -… https://t.co/kzM2I6fl76
@ElfyGanas @FLOTUS @JBABdc @ToysForTots_USA Oh please at least own it she posed nude and with other nude women in i… https://t.co/OFyjH0BCQp
I have 3 new followers from USA, and more last week. See https://t.co/Y03u7lQjLa https://t.co/5adk5OwrMF
RT @stagecs: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood #demo for #NintendoSwitch is live on the USA & EU #eShop, go check it out and prepare… https://t.co/bNT1oG00yj
RT @Mario_crf1: @Khaa_Maia Ela não tem telefone kkk, usa só quando a mãe deixa