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RT @Jin_Butterfly: To USA & Canadian ARMYs that are wondering why we're asking them to wait👇 It's because the links provided by Big H… https://t.co/t7tKauwVqT
RT @Armys__Crew: [Spread This] trusted website where you can order your albums that will count for Hanteo & Gaon: -YesAsia -Ktown… https://t.co/lIrfrHgbUU
RT @GovernorBullock: People need to pay attention to this. Dark money just got darker. https://t.co/C4JYuSxcgN
RT @MadeleineOster3: "El más feliz con todos estos escándalos inmundos en el PJ debe de ser Toledo, que seguramente debe de estar ahora… https://t.co/c8z0JiiBwE
RT @RealAlexJones: This key report, prepared for lawmakers and for President Trump, serves as a roadmap on how tech giants covertly si… https://t.co/6WCwBabtV0
RT @pinkk9lover: @jeepsuzih2 He’s such a scumbag! Returning to his birth continent to preach to animals that kill Caucasian people &… https://t.co/jJcSSmyTTS
RT @KCONTV: What was your favorite moment from #BTS' "G.C.F. in USA"? https://t.co/bTGUc8IwoX https://t.co/8tuYPNKoGj
RT @pjesella: @PTetlock #PTetlock #SuperForecasting #ExpertPoliticalJudgment Pls read reply, 2pg link 2yr Fed review… https://t.co/nllaWAd3ik
RT @Jin_Butterfly: ⚠⚠⚠USA ARMYs!⚠⚠⚠ ➡Do you want your album sale to count for the Billboard charts? If so, DO NOT PREORDER FROM THE L… https://t.co/Oy6tJbMg05
RT @augustosnunes: Trump deveria tomar mais cuidado com Putin. O chefão da Rússia não passa de um Stalin obrigado a respeitar (com evi… https://t.co/ArgKd8LVJL
RT @Jin_Butterfly: 💜ATTENTION USA & CANADA ARMYs!💜 You can now pre-order your LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer album through this link👇 ➡Yes,… https://t.co/QzKTQ83hTH
@VikramPoonja Too din raat USA ki chaate ga to us kaise paad paye ga.🙄 And everything was not as worst as today. 2… https://t.co/9tswh79VcC
RT @FrankAlmonteUS: You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word. Salms 119:114. What battle are you fighting now?… https://t.co/mf3MDUE0mj
"If you want to know the people who love you, pretend you are dead." AN AFRICAN (#BAMILEKE) #PROVERB #quotes #quotehttps://t.co/pA0rOSNguO
Hola @Ryanair . Tengo una niña de dos años que usa una sillita de paseo para desplazarse. ¿Se puede meter en la bod… https://t.co/cDI4gPfPDt
RT @Tia6sc: 💕Good Morning Friends💕 😇God bless You😇 🇺🇸God bless the USA🇺🇸 🇺🇸God bless @POTUS🇺🇸 🇺🇸God bless @VP🇺🇸 🇺🇸God bless… https://t.co/7Xr1IITPZb
RT @RogerInnes1: Postdoctoral position available to study the biogenesis and function of plant and fungal #extracellular_vesicles as… https://t.co/tgmUCFEoCg
RT @BACFA: Social media companies defend filtering practices before Congress https://t.co/cAMfN9HrKN
RT @jeonbunny0105: Me at math class: Teacher: Find the GCF Me: *raises right hand* Teacher: Yes? *points to me* Me: There are thre… https://t.co/hGoP7GuDKY