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RT @casweakness: misha: *fala com a voz fina* jensen: "eh assim que ele soa pela manha" jared: "como vc sabe?" jensen: https://t.co/XaeFBkJsbc
@manaioi what's a misha
@taesrami I’m sure that wasn’t meant as rude as it was but arguably even if Misha isn’t politically perfect I would… https://t.co/9mbdcNuklx
RT @shaunalshatti: #UFCPhoenix, Israel Adesanya, MVP vs. Daley, Johnny Walker vs. Misha Cirkunov, plus much, much more w/… https://t.co/oC9v49woB4
Misha has a foot fetish pass it on
RT @justfordonna: ˚‧⁺ Todas as vezes que Misha Collins foi problemático e os fãs passaram pano;; a thread. https://t.co/zGWTm9aGz6
@lgbtqdoctor why am i more happy about this than the time misha collins opened my snap i-
RT @_AblueJin_: Les locals qui nous embêtent j'ai un message pr vous https://t.co/w9bYbgmkbY
J’ai essayé la recette de tofu magique de Lounie pis j’ai pas aimé ça.. J’suis vraiment déçue j’avais plein d’espoi… https://t.co/wdEXEYJVzm
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.....misha💞 https://t.co/i1oo5ry6kW
Isso aqui me partiu o coração. Ele só precisava de reconhecimento. Não é todo mundo que é igual o Misha que aceit… https://t.co/zCjdMItZrB
@Rocketcaetera Nan mais nan. Genre à chaque début d'episode j'suis à fond, j'attends leurs noms et tout c'est la su… https://t.co/eKSb7WyE05
@Misha_S_V Estás poeta hoy o esto te sucede de verdad? Yo a veces, cuando me estoy durmiendo veo monstruos, horribl… https://t.co/dnVBGSsnoR
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True story, sometimes I amuse myself by looking at my TL on any given week to see if someone would mistake me for a… https://t.co/eKQZBO2x0a
RT @UNEnvironment: Travelling changed Misha Teasdale's mind about the world and the impact he wanted to have, leading him to found… https://t.co/l4zPZKypOI
RT @Iovestiel: misha is not a bad person but he can sometime make ignorant comments. if somebody complaining about what he said to… https://t.co/I5FBElZYqu
RT @aidamahda_: Misha Omar tengah vocal warm up with Dato Shafinaz. I'll just let it be here for my own tatapan. #AJL33 https://t.co/9kTrHBVbi6
RT @amymedusaa: Bayangkan kau tengah berak, tetiba dengar suara Misha Omar dalam jamban. Mau bersorak tahi tahi kau. https://t.co/DZ6sgdhFZb
RT @sarcasticmisha: lmao, imagine thinking misha is transphobic, ignorant, and rude, must be hard painting that picture in your head wh… https://t.co/98o0fukNtI
making jokes is a way of making things that’s are hard to deal with just little better, we all do it, if you’re scr… https://t.co/J1sOhEhNs8
RT @amymedusaa: Bayangkan kau tengah berak, tetiba dengar suara Misha Omar dalam jamban. Mau bersorak tahi tahi kau. https://t.co/DZ6sgdhFZb
RT @spn_misha_: Misha is cook of the house but once Vicki wanted to make waffles so Misha got everything read for her like batter ,… https://t.co/edmuBeNOC6
Remy Leduc, Misha Wiljes & Hendrik Stachnau also seemed in great spirits. Great job everybody! #YQ2019