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@Virus_pluto What of iPad?
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@Nqme1ess_virus しがいニキ探してたらしょーくんさんに殺されまくった気がする(´◉౪◉‘)
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OMG solo eso falta...iphone con virus...grrrr Como lo elimino?
Cowo brengsek tu ibarat virus hepatitis, kerjaannya bikin sakit hati.
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あとこれなんだけど絶対なんかボカロで一つ忘れてる気がする最近のやつ https://t.co/mzWkabxxe6
A fever is the body’s natural way of heating up and eliminating the virus and that’s exactly what the World is doing to us
Demam time org semua tak demam. Bila dh baik demam nanti virus tu jangkit kt org lain hahahahaha nasib laa spe dapat 😂
Dear iPhone users.... Pls Don't update to that new i0s....it's a trap
@Melt_virus フィルアラはリズム難じゃないだろwwwwww
If the Milky Way was the size of the U.S., how big would our earth be? About half the size of an influenza virus. https://t.co/ibG4PhPvFq
@Fefii_Milena Es un nuevo virus jajajaja
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