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I’m glad Dara is doing things. Minzy sort of doing things too and it gives me some form of hope while the other two… https://t.co/ABJKxWf776
【自動】 LINE、カカオやってます! 知りたい人は聞いてくださいね(^-^)/
✦ MINZY -rap , vocal- Gong Minji 공 민지 1994 . 01 . 18 161cm 44kg O ( ♥︎ ) *https://t.co/UDRf7h1DFY
RT @wekissom: Have you ever thought that Somi is really powerful because she managed to be friends with SNSD Sooyoung and 2NE1 Mi… https://t.co/G0SKPidPDz
I can’t believe they disbanded as soon as Minzy started to glo up. Tragedy https://t.co/1VlokWxzj0
@sunmislut she tried doing minzy's pop and lock 😭😭
RT @httploonaSkz: #Junghwan El público es realmente perro donde quedaron sus OT29 o todos merecen debutar la verdad es mejor que ni a… https://t.co/UZyAPIPesu
“Saya lebih suka hanya memikirkan segala sesuatu secara positif”-Minzy 2NE1
Maturity is learning to walk away from people, and situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, values, morals, or self-worth.
"I want to be a person crazy about music"-Minzy
dasom, soyou, hyolyn, bora & bom, minzy, CL, dara are their names!!! they marked kpop history by their OWN style, t… https://t.co/hQ1bpNBegw
RT @GlobalMinzy: #Minzy finally received the roses and chocolates we sent her! Hope you had an amazing birthday, @mingkki21 ❤️… https://t.co/eyWsotlArG
【自動】 びすと専用垢あります! びゅりで知りたい人は聞いてくださいね(^-^)/
ヘッダーを変えました。 リアルの方でも銀さんみたいなことしてて まるっきりいつもの私がでてます。 受験がんばれ。
RT @myteen_edits: Today's is MYTEEN's sunbae-nim birthday!!~❤ Here's a video of them in 2017 bringing a birthday cake to her!❤ Happy… https://t.co/NRgdt9WHA4
お兄さんメーカーむしろイメージで作ってもらいたいわ (よろしく笑笑)
red haired minzy. period.
RT @BlackJackoffic2: #AllOfYouSayHBDMinzy FROM BLACKJACK UNIVERSITY,PH Message compilation from admins and members😊 HAPPY BDAY QUEEN MIN… https://t.co/AzCMlnhKL6