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I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/OJ4P1o4N44 [ENG] Livin′ the Double Life - CL talks about Minzy
“Saya lebih suka hanya memikirkan segala sesuatu secara positif”-Minzy 2NE1
RT @ohseungclear: minzy and christmas WHAT A CONCEPT https://t.co/dtpanSCKXm
RT @prettypcy: ninano - minzy ft flowsik - if you dont pop ur pussy to his somethings wrong - QUEEN https://t.co/p0zAINN14N
“I want to become a person that shines when dancing.” -minzy-
@XO_Minzy My pussy not even fat and it doesn’t fit... shit is made for anorexic pussy 🤕
RT @snowish94: 【コスプレ⚠︎ハイキュー!!】 プレゼント?配る気ないけど? 月島サンタ @Minzy_Milkyway https://t.co/rWZjSJEr66
RT @GlobalMinzy: [INSTAGRAM] #Minzy: 피테라에센스로 겨울나기! 동안피부 고고싱❤️ @.SKII #YourStatementYourBottle #나의이야기나의피테라 #SK2 #SKII #피테라에센스리미티드에디션 https://t.co/S2rJ71EbnX
I need some black out curtains
@FLX_NJM00 Aku tuuu dirp dari tahun 2013 dan rp minzy, dan dulu saat jadi minzy tu ketemu sama rp top astaga dia tu… https://t.co/hfKgXIalYN
RT @deadblackjack: after minzy released her solo album, she sent copies to all her 2NE1 members and they congratulated her on their so… https://t.co/DpEws33hNV
RT @YGLadies: CUT: 171209 DARA TV Episode 14 https://t.co/duHyf9i87d WASSUP WE 2NE1! We miss you every single day, CL, Bom, Dara… https://t.co/uxuqyNClM3
RT @minzysalbum: Can Minzy please attend at least one of the Gayo shows? 🙏
RT @GIZtotheIBE: Minzy and Chaerin being cute 😭😭 https://t.co/v1oHCXxc3f
RT @saesehh: Jiyoung from Music Works company: "Minzy is here in our company." YG & Taeyang reaction tho #MIXNINE https://t.co/OyO7jMvLvC
“I can feel happiness through dancing.” -minzy-
why isn't there a minzy loops acc there's one for every other member
@xiudivina ahhhh she's the leader ? kdksksk i still know to differentiate between minzy and minji bij lol
@Elis5bang @FROMREALYG yg need to support every one to find gold in every one i am not over minzy lol 😭but what ever yg is yg
2NE1 üyelerini gerçek adları; Dara->Sandara Park🦄 Minzy->Gong Minji🌈 Bom->Park Bom🌸 CL->Lee Chaelin✨