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RT @drunktwi: Мой уровень подготовки к решению проблем: Киану Ривз на схемках "Матрицы"
RT @FIFAntastic: ¿Habéis pensado en poner en ubicar a Milner SIF como MC? Descubre aquí si merece la pena hacer este cambio o no…
@GraemeKelly1 @DanKennett I like Milner but I'd like a quality left footed left back providing width for Coutinho
RT @mental_floss: Milner Library Is Digitizing the Colorful History of the Circus —
@realDonaldTrump President Trump. 240 Claudette Milner host of A Matter of Interpretation 1240 Love WLLV AM
Challenging for the title with Milner and Lovren?
I'll be good by the weekend
@MrStephenHowson James milner is a liverpool captain;; tell me the funny thing about that? #it'surgent
@JamesPearceEcho does Milner show off with the one hand trick?
milner one of the best LBs in the league laa
@ZwebackHD inform Milner instead of shaw
Mddrrr Milner il est meilleur que toute votre equipe réunie
RT @TheLadBible: Lad's friends hold funeral for him after he got a girlfriend
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Man United's 2nd top goalscorer Mata is currently level with James Milner. Do #MUFC have the firepower to break into the top 4?
RT @DJOREMY: @Vito_Chesapeake @IndoLiverpoolfc crossing ganti-kaki-dulu ala Milner
RT @SLAMonline: .@Isaiah_Thomas has now scored 20+ points in 40 straight games 🙌🏽
RT @azalben: Good morning! Today the President has condemned: MSNBC CNN Hillary NY Times Washington Post FBI NSA Obama He has not condemned: Russia
RT @jimray: Surely we can’t vote to confirm a Supreme Court nominee during an election.