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RT @shaunthesheep: There's only one hero destined for the Iron Throne....and he's already dressed for winter! #GameOfThrones https://t.co/KDxeCywk29
@Shannon_Vick_ De fou cousine, laisse tomber les spoils sur twi ça rend dingue^^ !
RT @RayanaJay: I’m still feeling mad emotions. But I got to hug Vick’s parents. I watched my friends turn grief into art and I feel better. I love y’all
やっと気づいたか…… https://t.co/GXDllohgjD
@vermette_paul Didn’t stick with my boy mike Vick through his adversity tho 😂😂 🐕 🐶
RT @GrinOliveira: Quanto tempo essa fotinha mas vale a pena apostar 😍❤️ https://t.co/gMJpwzzQes
kkkkkkkkkkkllkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkllkllkkkkkkkkkk não https://t.co/PhDXmyJf9n
@WIPMorningShow Excluding Rhea Hughes, you had no problem when Michael Vick was throwing touchdowns for the Philadelphia Eagles.
RT @carloseduard6e: eu vendo minhas notas do primeiro bimestre https://t.co/uGeUxr3Tkh
RT @deitosj: queria morar numa cidade com praia
RT @zarazettirazr: This is a great idea! Harus aku kabarin tim saksi di Sydney nih tempat suara disimpan https://t.co/H7Z8gg9JYG
@MariaMazzarotto imagina a saudade que estou véi aaaaaaaaaaaaa vc tem que vir aqui antes que eu vá embora mocinha
@WIPMorningShow @AngeloCataldi In a city that gave Michael Vick his second chance, how is sleeping around and crash… https://t.co/su9VA5jxfa
@eu_a_vick aaaaaah, que saudade de vc
@dokuninjin_blue 上野某を学者とか論壇の人だと思うからいけないw その時の自分の気分に屁理屈くっつけてるだけです。 某TV番組で爆笑問題と対談したときに、あの太田が「こいつ頭おかしいのと違うか」って顔してたのが忘れられなくてw
@MariaMazzarotto não fica triste :(
*Me and my little brother while eating* Lb:Ate ano ngang tawag kina Ck at Vivoree? A:Kiervi at Vick Lb:Ang ganda ta… https://t.co/k4fW0T8Dyn
RT @mafi_cenoura: Deus olhou pra mim e disse: sem tempo irmão https://t.co/CDvuazQHGl
@oshcaio kkkkkkkkkkkkk não
RT @Somnivor: Les 2005 après s’être retrouvé à la gare https://t.co/jLXdTSpnFg
RT @EiSentimentoS2: Queria me desligar por um tempo, até me sentir preparado para a vida.