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Pinay Singer Anatalia Villaranda Wins Battle Round Against Missy Robertson on ‘The Voice… https://t.co/wZF3sQ525r
RT @Disp534: @VP Please pray for and help Veteran Joe Robertson currently being imprisoned for building a pond on his land #FreeJoeRobertson #FreeVetJoe
#VoiceBattles yes! high energy! #TeamAlicia Anatalia and cheers to 'Missy Robertson' https://t.co/hT7R3lzSfo
Veteran Canadian comedian Bob Robertson dead at 71 https://t.co/bSMegBNWL1
Thanks for visiting us! Data collected by thermal sensor at Robertson Library entrances show we have had over 290,000 visits so far in 2017!
The Voice - Anatalia Villaranda vs. Missy Robertson. Tightrope - My choice would be Anatalia Villaranda but ??
RT @CauseWereGuys: Girl: "go text your other hoes" Me: https://t.co/sZSQI5ayDd
RT @KentMurphy: If you're a high school athlete you should watch this https://t.co/FwpdcUPLwA
RT @Snowden: You want to know how to stop the next whistleblower? Stop breaking the damn law.
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/7TCrXV1H28 The Voice 2017 Battle - Anatalia Villaranda vs. Missy Robertson: "Tightrope"
“Apa aturan pertama untuk sukses? Tunjukan keberadaan anda” (Jeanne Robertson, Pembicara professional) #wanitasoleha
RIP Bob Robertson. Rex Murphy from Double Exposure on CBC https://t.co/sbngruiVgI via @YouTube
@KenWo4LiFe hi KenWo! It's me Marty! How many saves will Chicago White Sox "closer" Dave Robertson have this season?
Michael Robertson Mason Robertson https://t.co/GR46sLgTTJ
RIP Bob Robertson. Double Exposure was brilliant! https://t.co/1zs9rSPTHH
RT @TRobinsonNewEra: Caolan Robertson & Tommy Robinson vs. "anti-racists" and police - https://t.co/DCAWvmFWZt
RT @scottwalkerwtch: @DavidCornDC @jason4e Trump tweeting about someone is a badge of honor. It's like Pat Robertson condemning your mov… https://t.co/fLZZ7ZBXc8
RT @Indians: Today at #TribeSpring: Brant two hits 👍🏻 Five dingers (Abe, Yandy, Zimmer, Moore, Robertson) 👍🏻 No barking from t… https://t.co/3WUJIMs9JX
RT @RobertJensen2: I road managed a couple of tours for Bob Robertson & Double Exposure. He was a very man. Sad to hear he is gone. https://t.co/gVHzeDO2ta
Caolan Robertson & Tommy Robinson vs. "anti-racists," police https://t.co/Ug8jwJnyaH via @Fub_Fub
RT @wjxt4: MISSING CHILD ALERT: The state has issued a missing child alert for 14-year-old Christelyn Robertson. She was last… https://t.co/fTT0oZrABX
I Want A Bath Bomb 🙌🏾😍