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@y__mVA あーでもスターズ全部観れるならスターズからでも良いかも!僕はまだ見てないけど😢
@y__mVA アイカツ無印は見た?無印から見るのがおすすめだよ😊
RT @yungjack97: If her titties small I promise you she loyal asf 😂
If I were to ditch my phone for a year I would have more time to focus in college, to better myself, and to get awa… https://t.co/BQ4hsTWzFh
Let's online search for some pictures of Umehara,Ryuzaburo/梅原龍三郎 with the cotto club. (Showa Era〔1926-1989〕→Umehara… https://t.co/MywaFcuVra
“You got games?” Matt Cotto https://t.co/sx3W8w7Nc6
Ya drunk, no team would beat the warriors 😭 https://t.co/VxJ7Yb0TFf
RT @ema_canteli: El bajon me pego como cotto
RT @lildurk: You switch sides you can’t come back
RT @Ixchel_angel: @ all the girls who rejected/mistreated my man before me...thanks bitches he’s in better hands now
@BoxeoDCampeones @xcucaine Perdio con lara, perdió con cotto, perdió las 2 con ggg y 114 iguales... ustedes sigan c… https://t.co/QwQE7MT5dn