Halo Wars 2 beta for Blitz Mode is happening this weekend. Xbox One and PC.
@BasicallyBC fuck minecraft honestly hope microsoft puts all the dlcs on it lollll
RT @jatstweeter: Good news guys, the 'WorldEnd' crash on Xbox and PS4 is fixed and we're submitting emergency patches to Microsoft/Sony.
Microsoft Offers Free Windows 10 Upgrades via Subscription Service
RT @majornelson: Pssst. The free Halo Wars Blitz Beta is now live. Xbox One: Win 10:…
Satya Nadella Confident about Microsoft In The Face of Trump Inauguration
Microsoft-owned Minecraft no longer supported on Microsoft-owned Windows Phone/Mobile
Microsoft Office 365 Apps for Android Updated With New Features
The reality is we all need to recognize the fact since Microsoft has committed itself to a flat one time fee for...
RT @krmarko: MyPOV @thenewstack on the significance > Microsoft Adds Intel’s Stateless, Containerized Linux to Azure Marketplace.
Audrie Magno-Gordon, recently hired by Microsoft, is bringing huge energy and enthusiasm for PowerApps to #o365sea
RT @mspoweruser: Microsoft announces free Windows 10 upgrade for customers with Windows subscriptions -
RT @JeffHicks: News from the #PowerShell team Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1 Released
Microsoft's LinkedIn is making changes to the design of its desktop app that it hopes will increase usability and user engagement.
RT @pvlakshm: The Visual Studio Test Platform [#vstest] is now Open Source!
RT @Trumpnado2016: Local activists in tech vow to resist Trump with data #TrackTrump
Microsoft傘下のLinkedIn、デザイン刷新でメッセージ機能などを改善 #News #matome
Hacking STEM: Introducing Hands-on Hacks for Your Classroom
WordPress Custom Wor Zip Code Radius Calculations Using Microsoft Excel #Guru
Big Data Software Engineer Consultant - Microsoft Big Data & Analytics - KPMG -
Windows 10 v1607 media now available
RT @MSFT_Business: See how we manages #Azure ExpressRoute in our global enterprise, reducing overhead & optimizing. bandwidth.…
The blue planet after the microsoft art general information: MUdw
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