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RT @xxxtentacion: I hate love
RT @BeansSilver: The sweetly gifted #Romance Author @mickiesherwood stops by for an #Author #Interview https://t.co/1OVjmvbGqZ https://t.co/RsRxsd3PfL
@ThePhantomLex @KyKy How to remember Envy OW KyKy = Tattoos Taimou = Good aim guy Mickie = the guy always laughing… https://t.co/vmTFUmWZJY
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@AKITALK0130 おつかれさまでした! いろいろご苦労がおありだと思います。 ゆっくり休んでくださいね☺
@MickieJames I take it this isn't the real mickie
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RT @TheEraOfBliss: Alexa Bliss retained her Title against Sasha Banks, Mickie James, Emma and Nia Jax in a Fatal 5-Way Match in … https://t.co/PdQy5dufFE
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