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RT @samswey: *How Obamacare halted the HIV outbreak Mike Pence helped to cause https://t.co/WkfUWWcelU
RT @WhennBoys: Uncle Jesse and Michelle's friendship was the best https://t.co/ZwIzQgEisN
k Michelle's voice in Got Me Crazy is amazing on top of already having such an amazing voice 😍
RT @SouthSideWeekly: The @Chicago_Police killing of a woman after Tasers failed to subdue her raises more questions about training https://t.co/aEejSqRt5Z
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RT @LouisVuitton: Embracing beauty: Michelle Williams is radiant in the #LouisVuitton Blossom jewelry collection. See more at… https://t.co/kFzwbXZT13
Don't start that k Michelle shit ! πŸ™„ https://t.co/lZTbpaF8w2
RT @michele86455429: Hypocritical fucking pricks. I want my beautiful and smart 1st Lady back. I miss Michelle Obamaβ™‘ https://t.co/pWSuHZRUK1
Michelle Cameron und Mia Lang Get Oral In Orgy https://t.co/aKCgjR5Zc0
Michelle ' Big Red ' King- ROAD MARCH FROM GUYANA (SHARE SHARE SHARE) visit Michelle "BIG RED" King page... https://t.co/tSdpUi2faX
RT @Benggadora08: Love her and her story! From not getting a callback, Michelle Cobb is living her La Salle dream READ:… https://t.co/ijEGTCEfdV
@jmkeep @TheSteveFrench I'm so sorry Michelle, that's terrible
RT @abscbnsports: She's been shining for DLSU the past few games, so get to know @miichellecobb a little bit better! #UAAPSeason79 https://t.co/aHAS80Wwmt
RT @culturingstuff: I liked a @YouTube video from @maniacpro http://t.co/jDXwn3vv Willowmoor Art Workshop Michelle Martin Canal Arti
RT @zoenyc: Why am I the laziest motherfucker alive
RT @109rock_sI: γ‚γ‚‰γŸγ‚γ¦γ€ γ‚Šγ‚‡γƒΌγŸη΅ε©šγŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†οΌπŸŽ‰βœ¨ γ“γ‚Œγ‹γ‚‰γƒ„γƒΌγ‚·γƒ§γƒƒγƒˆε’—γˆγ¦γγ‚“γ γ‚γ†γͺγ€œη¬‘η¬‘ ζœ«ζ°ΈγγŠεΉΈγ›γ«πŸ˜ŠπŸ’­ #Ryota #Michelle #γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ† https://t.co/n14505X4oF
@MichellePhelps pray for your opponents more like!! Ha. Good luck with training Michelle x πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏼
RT @notedtoseIf: 11:11 brandon theresa monica dorry bre brayden tammy mia jen ejak drew lucas joselette michelle maria alyssa maskit germ becca drea jayla
@thehill Our founding fathers did not envision a free press reporting the news of the day complete with opinions&biases prebuilt into them.
RT @wbfrenchfries: why does he get to eat French fries and we dont, huh Michelle?? http://t.co/ULLxhsfHpr