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RT @FinleyTravis5: ranch with pizza?? rt: yes like: no trying to prove a point
RT @LeanUni: A pleasure to visit Mr Taylor @mike_taylor11 Head of Humanities and History Teacher, Michaela Community School, and… https://t.co/05S1FeVoBn
RT @Avryyyy: This year went by so fast I couldn’t even get my shit together 😭
RT @collegeprobIem: i’m at the point where i have so much to do that i don’t know where to start so i’ll just lay here goodnight
RT @MichaelaOkla: One time when I was in grade school idk which year but it was a few months into classes and I got into an argument… https://t.co/lWEzty9X7D
RT @sasulz: WHEN WILL NZ MEN STOP KILLING WOMEN FOR NO REASON? •2018• Grace Millane; murdered •2014• Michaela Brandl & Niki Hon… https://t.co/PVl5IFNWLL
RT @HavenFrance: I need black mirror to release a new season ASAP
RT @goldenpsychox: •×•×•`Thread nicków na Twitterze` •×•×• •×•×•`Michaela clifforda`•×•×• https://t.co/c0jhn96vmS
RT @WhiteoutUCLA: FINAL: UCLA 89, Fresno State 80. UCLA led by 18 in the third quarter. Fresno State cut it to three in the fourth… https://t.co/4KtQAs5DAe
RT @MadelineGambon: i miss neko atsume :(
RT @yolhoe: @michaela_mph That’s like 10 times as much as the rest of Rancho combined
@mrldnsmn Pinagod niyo rin ako ni bossy😂
Immigration Department risked own reputation by outing Banerji: lawyers - Bosses wrongly sacked Michaela Banerji in… https://t.co/sUpfZKwFZh
RT @goldenpsychox: •×•×•`Thread nicków na Twitterze` •×•×• •×•×•`Michaela clifforda`•×•×• https://t.co/c0jhn96vmS
RT @tylathecreative: I start losing patience when my effort’s being wasted.
RT @NikeIsMyLogo23: Cardi B : "Don't be out here entertaining these bitches" Offset: https://t.co/eJ7A1OPyLB
RT @limathea_: I’m so glad this generation of mothers are going to know how to properly comb through kinky/curly hair. https://t.co/AsdtkeXokB
RT @mosesmalone_: I swear Radford wack aab now
Apple Feta Chai meetings are good for the soul. Welcome to our newest pledges. 🤟🏼
RT @xylesmavier: stormi jenner is this generation’s renesmee cullen
@MAFTC @newleafcic @outofsync8 @A4587GA @KateHerrity Michaela et al... intentionally or unintentionally this insinu… https://t.co/dTm1uW3iVd