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@michaela_marrri Okay when and where 😂😂😂
@Matt_D_Cohen ask VP Michaela at @NDCRE why did she tell Oscar the Maintence Supervisor to tell the tenants & he to… https://t.co/01yzzMFhw9
RT @deutschetelekom: #Telekom, @FraunhoferIML und EPAL haben die ersten 500 vernetzten Paletten im Einsatz: Ein wasserfester Sensor, der… https://t.co/HZrRfZqTHZ
RT @Carlisias: Is Michaela trying to get a girlfriend or get her mentor back. #HTGAWM https://t.co/WjyMCUGRo9
RT @myfakenightmare: yea sex is cool and all but have u ever found a small door in ur house that leads to a parallel universe n ur new p… https://t.co/ThagaFvjTs
LMAOOOOO michaela said "nobody likes me" me: #HTGAWM https://t.co/5715Ks6SYs
RT @gabriel19695640: Michaela Connor Oliver and laurel thirsting over Gabriel is such a mood #HTGAWM https://t.co/VgdVB73xHm
RT @piggyy___: The happier she is the nastier she is..
RT @MyFavsTrash: Did my mans just rhyme booty hole and Yugioh ? https://t.co/zO9TgCAVki
RT @RubyKillin1: With the way my skin is going, I can’t risk it https://t.co/Sw0LjBjbey
RT @curledbitch: who the fuCK CHANGED THE SOUND LMAOOOO https://t.co/liyHdtzoci
RT @gabrielaaa_21: y’all gotta understand KARMA is a real ass thing. Keep doing people dirty, keep being a shitty ass person. May not… https://t.co/aahKyVVxSi
RT @tounu_: SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER #HTGAWM Je pense que Bonnie est la victime et que celle qui est dans les toilettes avec Michaela est sa jumelle
RT @en_jajaja: people who can just tell the waitress when something is wrong are so fucking brave i could literally get a raw stea… https://t.co/Qq31byXpWq
quiche is soo good fuck me UP
michaela expected to see a literal tweet in a museum so idk why we are talking about this https://t.co/oik38PV60N
RT @ruckin_: “where do you want to eat at?” “idk you choose” https://t.co/TGQzSxBbRx
But it's very confident and likable, Arinze Kene is very much Leading Man Material and Michaela Coel shines when sh… https://t.co/Ndwi0o5kFL
RT @_1942bs: ima keep it real with you chief.. this is it https://t.co/5LV0T9Y23F
RT @zwanheda: Michaela sweetie, your gayness is showing. #HTGAWM https://t.co/lCcv32uv26
This is so insulting. 1/32nd to 1/1024th? Get over yourself. You don’t get to claim native heritage just to advance your political agenda.