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RT @bbcsesh: Michaela on what thin privilege is and how it impacts her life... Huge thanks to @cardiffornia_ https://t.co/UCe9pRbIP1
RT @scarlettsflash: michaela and gabriel fighting to see who the worst liar is #HTGAWM https://t.co/41RS09fYoE
RT @terrycrews: FOLLOW SPREE TIME! RETWEET NOW! NOW! NOW! #AGTChampions at 8pm on @nbc! The FINALS! https://t.co/iokqVjyZ5R
So yung mga eggs sa klase ko ay sina Lester, Lenard, Michaela, Denzel, Christian at Santino. Eggs of happiness huhuhu
I have a serious spending problem and I need help
RT @Mlb_Renzo: Don’t start to tell me something and then be like “nvm” 😐 https://t.co/j4cfP1BjIv
RT @hope_bridgers: “Hope Michaela Bridgers is fake!” -Georgia
RT @xalexiis_: BITCH 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/l4ce7riHhk
Take a few minutes out of your day & do this. You never know how positively you could impact someone's life! (p.s i… https://t.co/E3n9NbwnO1
RT @quenblackwell: WHO GAVE ME A DRIVERS LICENSE???? https://t.co/0DSOImEFKu
RT @athleticselhs: Hot off the press: ALL STATE ID TRACK: Kobe Thomas and Michaela Gammon, great job, hard work pays off. If you ge… https://t.co/hDnSzqOkKy
RT @grisselortega_: I’m ready for spring break TBH
Geral namorando e eu? Tô com saúde, isso que importa. kkkk
RT @TVInsider: Is Zeke the answer Michaela and Ben have been looking for? #Manifest's Matt Long opens up about his character, the… https://t.co/iNd7KTd5oT
@34hunnid MICHAELA, i hope you’re well
RT @vvanghoee: Waiting for people. I get irrationally upset by this https://t.co/Qe97d9lGBf
RT @juicyybaeee: Y’all really let Twitter tell y’all Alfredo a basic bitch meal and y’all don’t eat it anymore LMAOOO. I give 0 fucks😂😂 that shit be hitting
RT @ByChristineDay: 🎉📚🎁 I HEREBY PRESENT! THE COVER ART FOR I CAN MAKE THIS PROMISE (@HarperChildrens)! 🎁📚🎉 Designed by @stinkysarahd… https://t.co/eqPvL2cdxC
I know you’ve been wondering where @PeteTweetsBVP has been. I’m excited to announce that he’ll be given an Academy… https://t.co/9r8vRZK0Ah
Looking forward to seeing Zeke and Jared meeting. Who will save Michaela? #Manifest https://t.co/rhUH3hxhJ0