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@missjessyjess I would absolutely love to have it. Already have a spot cleared for it to hang and everything.
@lindsaynetto I did earlier today too. Walking up the hill at @ShaylaMarie ‘s house. That things a beast & it was all mud.
@MalloryyMartin I love cooking with my air fryer. Cooked a couple steaks in it a few days ago & they were fantastic… https://t.co/pHIbBUUmd5
@DeathWishCoffee Just got one of those a couple days ago. Loving it. #SNES #Classics
#NowPlaying Greater by The Greater Allen Cathedral ft. Michael Pugh #WOGS1039FM #thefamilystation @WOGS1039FM
This is Phase Two Michael Pugh 😁 https://t.co/glR3YVwYJe
So Braxton wanted to play in the little storage ottoman. #LivingThatLife https://t.co/vHYw75onEb
Finally got ahold of a #SNESClassic today. I may not be taking any calls or answering messages till sometime tomorr… https://t.co/xWjoBGbKUg
As I ready for bed it feels strange knowing that when I wake in the morning it marks the end of an era. #Changes
@Michael_Pugh That's true! Honestly as long as it tastes good!
@WCPOLibby I would say that I’m a good cook & possibly a better baker. It’s my plating that might need a little wor… https://t.co/yPWsf2LOzK
With @jessicaevileye & @missjessyjess both getting a victory tonight could we see a fight between the two in the near future? #UFCSTL
It just clicked for me where these fights are taking place. Hope @HollyEdgell is able to take advantage of their lo… https://t.co/mjAu6a08JK
@TanyaORourke Now that the game is over you should check out these fights. It’s been a great card so far and I expe… https://t.co/xhPi20ifi2
@TanyaORourke Currently watching #UFCSTL so I haven’t seen a second of the game. Guess I’d root for Zimmer though.
@MeganA_mma Now I’m ready to see @TheJamesKrause & @missjessyjess get their wins tonight. #UFCSTL
@MeganA_mma Been a @jessicaevileye fan for a long time & that win was so deserved. Glad that people can now see her… https://t.co/D1mCbiXQXg
Beyond excited for @jessicaevileye tonight. So glad to see her get the win and for it being in the weight class she… https://t.co/OAsBiaWWzj
@sarahcheesecake @vanessaportomma @ufc You’re right. There are some there that I would like to see her matched up against.
I’m not mad about that. #InvictaFC27