Michael Jackson

Today was the memorial services of Michael Jackson. I was so glad when Michael Jackson's daughter spoke up and said that she had the best Dad in the world and how she was going to miss her Daddy. Everyone in the world that was watching at that point had tears in their eyes. It made a lot of us realize that he's not only an entertainer that touched the entertainment industry but a Father, Brother, Son,Friend to so many people that he has touched. We're going to really miss you Michael Jackson. We know that God had other plans for you to work with Him in Heaven. He wants you to help the world from up above.We love you Michael.Marlene Mendoza

I understand the impact he has towards but this is seriously unnecessary. He’s no Biggie, 2pac, Michael Jackson, Ja… https://t.co/TTmUGUR6ph
That second gunshot though. Harriette is Michael Jackson bad #TheQueenMzansi
RT @michaeljackson: Michael Jackson changed dance history. https://t.co/WkwB8bgiAT recently illuminated how. https://t.co/IDUDqArRqY
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🔵 Ghosts, el fracasado y poco conocido filme de terror hecho por Michael Jackson y Stephen King https://t.co/NZNVXIHbDq
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RT @gabynino_: can y’all believe that people grew up experiencing The Beatles, Queen, Michael Jackson, Led Zepplin, etc. and all w… https://t.co/GCEjCl3Hv9
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