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@TiagoBelotti Uma pena a promoção ter acabado, tive um sonho cinematografico. Velozes e Furiosos VS Transformers dirigido pelo Michael Bay
@boobiegotti2 lmao it'd be more destructive than a Michael Bay film
@Strippin They actually do the old theme song? Dang, that's cool. Did ya hear that, Michael Bay? Yaknow? The Transf… https://t.co/sJwbwSYwMW
RT @FilmInkOfficial: NEW EP: We discuss & debate #TheRock (1996) & the career of #MichaelBay #PodernFamily #NicholasCage #SeanConnery https://t.co/zOSx9Sm7NM
Honestly they're the Michael Bay of documentary TV series.
i love the michael bay one because you explode when you die even when you fall in the water
RT @shadowpiper: People Magazine! "...Saban’s #PowerRangersmovie feels much more like a Marvel movie than anything by Michael Bay." https://t.co/oYOotnh4B5
Man nennt mich den Michael Bay von Hyrule! https://t.co/xhmPbCfBpv
📹 Transformers 5 : The Last Knight Director: Michael Bay  Música: Steve Jablonsky Reparto: Mark... https://t.co/dqYLvL1Oi6
Depois de imaginar o Michael Bay Dirigindo Velozes e furiosos, eu já imagino o Fast Vs Transformers, se a galera... https://t.co/Ch2v4cWX11
@sciencepie loved the campaign, played through Infinite War campaign the other day, it was great in a Michael Bay way.
Not really. He's just a budget Michael Bay. Greed and endless franchising are the problem. https://t.co/1Bi7A6z9zu
TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Promo Clip – Characters (2017) Michael Bay Action Movie HD https://t.co/fYpecbF08c https://t.co/HFy1HTFfUA
TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Promo Clip – Characters (2017) Michael Bay Action Movie HD https://t.co/Zc4MRj4kE1 https://t.co/P89vYfRqmf
Ja imaginou Nefasto Curvatório que louco seria se Michael Bay decidisse dirigir velozes e furioso ? Transformers... https://t.co/ILEVH6oB57
Alguem sabe quando o michael bay vai se aposentar ?
RT @Movietipdude: #13Hours by #MichaelBay is mind-blowing, one of the best war movies I've seen in a long time. Michael Bay is back on my good list. Wow..
Last week I was talking about inviting people to film in Ukraine. This ought to bring Michael Bay for sure. https://t.co/VMOLvld8UD
Transformers cartoons is just utter trash, esp when you see what Michael Bay does in the movie...
@Ranito21 y dirigida por Michael Bay o Zack syneder
@ChinglisK would it be a whole Michael Bay directed revenge story with explosions and everything?
@sitosis7 te veo con cara de mi director favorito es Michael Bay jajaja
@callykarishokka Because Michael Bay is determined to destroy EVERYTHING we love about Transformers
Transformers The Last Knight : Michael Bay dévoile 8 affiches animées https://t.co/0meovQOM1b