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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016) – Michael Bay delivers. https://t.co/5y5kbXzMIC https://t.co/iEyZm31qKi
Turtles skydiving without parachutes? Only in a Michael Bay film. #TMNT2
Renovating the Skydome would be like HGTV: The Movie directed by Michael Bay xD https://t.co/iRVz9uoa0l
Michael Bay likes lamp posts
@ChiefSosa84 for the recent ones it's Michael Bay that's the bad guy ;-)
RT @PrevengeBaby: I despise film festivals. If I wanted to stand in a foyer selling myself I'd be a cinema prostitute. A job created by Michael Bay #TIFF16
@9GAGGifs haha well at least Michael Bay will go down in history
RT @wiselwisel: Bunnies (2016) dir. Michael Bay. VER POST: https://t.co/QVWI88d6AG https://t.co/IbmqkREgas
@heidigroover @sydbrownstone we talking, like, 'The Island' directed by Michael Bay bc that would be so fitting...
sigue@lmmcompanyfull Bunnies (2016) dir. Michael Bay. - Bunnies (2016) dir. Michael Bay. https://t.co/cR234iDblk
@teddybearisms The Michael Bay one or the one with Vanilla Ice?
@untitledhorrors it won't mate, not if it's done well, Michael Bay needs to stay the fuck away.