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dolphins are transported long distances between facilities sometimes dying in the long process @FedEx #OpSeaWorld
RT @OnceUponATimeKw: @AdamHorowitzLA is this hook trying to stop you from bringing dolphins to set
RT @1DCharityTeam: @MrsAnneTwist Do you like dolphins ? Please help us share this charity drive for Harry's birthday 💙🐬…
[NBC Sports: Pro Football Talk] Kiko Alonso could move from middle linebacker #Dolphins #Phins
RT @matissecockerpo: #Dolphins #Whales イルカやクジラは自然の中で見るのが一番です。 水族館を訪れるのは動物虐待を支える事です。RT拡散希望
RT @OrissaSofyan: If you love dolphins, don't go to Sea World, said @Harry_Styles . He's got a point. #stopsirkuslumba (Photo via…
RT @sk8rgrl3: "82 Dolphins Die in Mysterious Mass Stranding" #science #feedly
RT @captivitykills3: #RedCove There can be no denials. These dolphins die a brutal death #Japan #OpKillingBay
RT @JazzyDolphin: Bloody #RedCove 25-30 Striped #Dolphins tortured & all slaughtered DON'T BE SILENT if you care…
RT @graham_: Biologists investigate deaths of 82 stranded dolphins in Florida
RT @Protect_Dolphin: #RedCove #OpKillingBay Dolphins died in a horrific manner to be turned into sushi today
RT @FactsInYourFace: A scientist in the 60s gave LSD to dolphins in an attempt to teach them English.
RT @h0t_p0ppy: 👈 #RedCove tweets Dolphins were slaughtered for food in #Japan today
Dolphins Participate In MLK Day Events - MiamiDolphins #schoolgarden
Futo, Japan, people watching dolphins on Izumi Ishii's boat as Taiji slaughter happens #DolphinAngels
RT @WildlifeUID: Abolish the transport of captive dolphin for shows! @SriwijayaAir PLEASE DON'T SUPPORT THIS. Dolphins belong in the…
. One sunset in 2k16, on my way to hunt the dolphins. #explorelampung #shotoniphone @ Teluk…
Oh my life, that is the cutest letter ever! A girl after my own heart, I used to make scrapbooks of facts and pictu…