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I would definitely not be opposed to a Rising 2. But I would like a more central MGS character to have an appearance.
Waiting for all the MGS (I need my hack&slash fix with Rising, too) on Xbox360 to become backwards compatible...
@KenOh_00 @TangoCommando @davimoraes616 @bleedingcool Eu gostei do Raiden no MGS 2.No Metal Gear Rising que ele é insuportável.
@Nyxus_MGS @popcicle @KevinWhite24 remember that the producers of Rising also said it was part of the MG saga canon, while Kojima didnt
Sazh FFXIII, el presidente de Mgs Rising
@brian_realcap1 At this point they would need to put the real missing ending, the mgs3 remastered version (fuck pachinko) & MGS rising 2 out
(>Found comparisons between Munakata and Big Boss last night. > Today is Munakata gear rising. The DR/MGS train doesn't stop.)
Ce qui remplacera mgs ( apres rising ) sera un A-Rpg a la DA stylée ;)
Thinking of playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance after this. I really enjoyed it. It was a fun Raiden spin-off game. #MGS
Metal Gear Solid or Metal Gear Rising as a movie... Hmm... Dunno, i think MGR has more stuff that can be used on a movie rather than MGS
Por:Varios preços,a partir de: R$12:49 Acesse: Pacote MGS V, pacote Castlevania, Metal ... Metal gear rising is better than mgs 4, peace walker and phantom pain
@TotalKnightRoss I played me some mgs rising... but I still don't know what you're talking about
RT @cccarlosful: @Lloyd_91 joder colega, como te pareces a Samuel, el boss del MGS Rising
@Lloyd_91 joder colega, como te pareces a Samuel, el boss del MGS Rising
@MisterCrazyGuy Thanks for the tip c; I got the idea from
@Supa_Fresh_Sikh If anything more MGS fans dont like how he his in Rising. He really is outta character in that game but the game itself-
@rabbidluigi any stealth section is mgs rising. It was unnecessary and forced
FF XV,P5,MGS V...คุ้มๆๆ โครตหลอกตัวเอง 555 เผลอๆได้ KH III กับ FF VII อี๊ก / Dead rising ก็มา #เริ่มล้มละลาย
@Konami if you want fans trust back please stop prostituting MGS saga.. Stop doing MG Survive, Rising, etc. Just put them different name...
Ich hatte bisher noch nie so Bock weiterzuzocken wie bei MGS Rising. Gleich mal weiterspielen :D