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i bought a METRIC TON of craft foam today to make taliyah's rocks ho my god
RT @CFAinstitute: Research by CFA Institute & @StateStreet discovers “phi," a new and powerful business metric
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#NowPlaying Metric / jubeat saucer ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -7 Bros- / Hommarju
RT @daniecal: Stay away from men whose only metric for love is predicated on how much sacrifice and pain you can endure. Please. They are not well.😳
Can we stop being cheap& just switch completely to metric system like the rest of the world since we use it in high level education anyways
@EkoNerden Ser smutt ut. Själv slet jag mitt hår för att stödja imperial och metric i min Android-app. Mer krångel än jag kunde tro. :)
Hate how I grew up learning the imperial system cause when I travel outside the country,it takes me a while to understand the metric system
RT @PCA_Daily: An equation that lets you know the benefits of building durable? We have the math here from @CSHub_MIT… - TonePros T3BT-C CHEVALET Nashville Replace ... - - Ajouter vos annonces sur:…
(TonePros T3BT-C CHEVALET Nashville Replace Tune-O-Matic Bridge type LP SG Metric) news posté sur Musik3L Musique...
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@E_Anderson_ nothin like the metric system
@klonkadonk Don't waste your time with metric, it is a dying measurement scale. SAE #FTW. #iMayBeDrinking #ImDefinitelyLoL
RT @commoncolarbear: Cellars // Janie lane A metric buttload of teen angst was poured into this song @natedrum8 @JJLeland16 #patrick
We've pointed this out but he dun care, so I'm just prying out the longest case I can potentially fish out to get this metric set :V
can you convert family guy funny moments into gallons, like what's the metric on that
a balas is a signor: metric and unparsed
@Waste_Pro_USA Hi, I hope all is well. I'm looking to purchase 2k metric tons of OCc grade cardboard per month. Would love to connect
@reachinqy Sou eu o Metric que fiz duas intros para vc eu já até te mandei meu skyoe mais vc n me add, Skype:Metric | Brenno G0D D0 B3R0U
RT @commoncolarbear: Cellars // Janie lane A metric buttload of teen angst was poured into this song @natedrum8 @JJLeland16 #patrick
Craftsman 413 pc Mechanics Pro Tool Set SAE METRIC Wrenches Professional