RT @teo_garcia2012: SE BUSCA!! Se perdió en sarandi y número 4 (Pdu). Se llama María Helena. Lleva collar de metal (puede haberlo perdi…
RT @cemalokanyuksel: Hayko Cepkin’in metal müzik üzerinden verdiği başkanlık sistemi örneğini dinlemeden geçmeyin. Başkanlığa #HAYIR
RT @RobertPixelania: Baúl de los Pixeles - Acto 38: Metal Slug 2 Un gran juego de disparos.
RT @OverlordTinksy: Why is it that unicorns are considered girly? It's a horse with a weapon jutting out of its head. That's fucking metal, dude.
Guess the song! Here's a short clip from our set at Surya @kennyloggins #metal #passion #music #inflames
It's just my emo ass crap and his death metal and then occasionally Andy puts on his stoner reggae.
@Dye_die_ I bet it's was a great surprise. What's your favorite Metal genera? I love power metal my self *Slays all the dragons*
@radleybalko @crampell because this is important? to take away millions of state generated dollars on account of old grey men don't like it.
RT @tonyisfuture: azealia banks . heavy metal and reflective
You have an unusual magnetic personality. Don't walk too close to metal objects which are not fastened down.
CARLY RAE JEPSEN - CALL ME MAYBE (Metal Cover) via @YouTube
ブラックメタルのバンドロゴの厨二っぷりは異常、それ以前に読めません! #メタルあるある
RT @Paraguayito_tek: Tu, tu eres el iman y yo soy el metal
RT @Wilnerness590: #Bluejays announce new security measures for The FAES - walk-through metal detectors are here, wands too!
RT @hayir_tv: Hayko Cepkin’den referandum özeti: Başa geçtim, tüm Türkiye artık metal dinleyecek dedim kabul eder misiniz?
RT @simonting: Base metal benchmark LME Copper declines the most -2.8%...
RT @Jaunehomme: Après le succès de mon manga "Boku no chicha", je vous présenterais bientôt mon autre oeuvre "Full metal twittos"
@BrownBearEntert @MissMisaRants @YourselfSuit metal,rock,rap,pop music,elcetronica and more. I like all sorts of music