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MiO_MERMAiDさんの脳内は「柔」70%「日」15%「軟」15% ポイント:90pt ランキング:394420位 #twimaker
RT @goldfishbabe101: It's crazy what happens when insurance covers birth control! so weird how that works
RT @ExquisitelyGeek: On the third day of Geekmas A2-D2 wished for a mermaid tail at
@mermaid__xo but rly who woulda guessed 6k random strangers would care about me & my life this much to send me constant gifts & $$$
RT @Jayy_46: ima mermaid 🙂❤️🌸
RT @Bakari_Sellers: My friends in the media, use this picture of #WalterScott in all his dignity. Not him running being gunned down fro…
Cry baby, cry baby, but I don't fucking care.
@Kanto_Mermaid @AmourTheorizer I'll delete not 1, not 2, not 3, but.....ALL OF THEM😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂
RT @SCTV_: Kenapa Ariel berubah jadi Mermaid? A. Bawaan lahir B. Kutukan Tahu jawabannya? Langsung mention jawaban kamu dengan hashtag #KuisMIL2Dunia.
@mermaid__xo and they told me broadcasting my babygrl princess kitten lifestyle would never pay off lmao 👸🏼💫✨
@doyle_kaitlyn6 good kush and alcohol❤️
Et la bizarrement les 2 sont calmes . En même temps me faire gueuler le matin c'est pas bon pour eux . Maintenant j'ai bobo la gorge TWT
RT @amandaamanopoGL: 🎂😂💜 Cake Mermaid
@annabelcondon i love ur hair u actually look like a fuckin mermaid princess bless
En plus Ange qui se met à me griffer elle en a pris pour son grade elle aussi . Les 2 m'ont énerver de bon matin .
@LisaBloom @HavenOutfitters Um, it's a blanket... for when you're snuggled up watching a Mermaid movie... and you're a preschooler
@doyle_kaitlyn6 imma come up there and we can go clubbin! Live it up!