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RT @samhighfill: #TVD: Kelly Donovan makes her return ... at Stefan and Caroline's wedding? #TVDForever
RT @melindaqiaolian: otp: i'm not giving up on may otp: radcliffe took something from me her name is melinda may and she means everything to me
RT @dcexaminer: Chuck Schumer predicts GOP will ditch Trump by the summer
RT @WeNeededHillary: Russian mafia figure Felix Sater now appears to be blackmailing Donald Trump on Putin’s behalf…
RT @BillGates: #TBT In 1993 Melinda and I went to Africa to see the wildlife, and were startled by the poverty:…
RT @CraigRozniecki: "Today Trump Honored Sojourner Truth, Booker T. Washington And... Ben Carson" - #TheLateShow
RT @gardenerj668: This is Donald Trump's son. He kills elephants and cuts off there tails for fun. RT to show what the dictator's son…
• Melinda Pollard: #FREE #KINDLE Secretary Turned It Girl, Romance, Chicklit, Women's Fiction
RT @StephenKing: That press conference Trump gave? A lot of whining. The press, Obama, Hillary, just wah-wah-wah. He's a great big baby with orange hair.
Bill and Melinda Gates Will Push Population Control On 120 Million More Women by 2020 |
RT @StephenKing: Trump voters who thought they were getting a macho man got an excuse-maker instead. "Poor me, the press is so mean." Get over it.
RT @DorothyKidd1: These are the American people Trump calls enemies of the American people
RT @Alifaith55: 1st pic is Trudeau carrying a guy in a wheelchair down stairs 2nd pic is illegitimate US pres. ridiculing disabled…
@realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr Your father will never be half the man of PM Trudeau. SAD.
Kursus Web Online Solusi Belajar Hemat Dari Mana Saja #KursusWebOnline
RT @DorelieD: Vendredi je vais tenir les fesses de Melinda 😍 ! Je mouille déjà 💦
Hey Melinda Jiu ! Thanks for #follow ! Go on #RT #Favs #love
When the mission isn't enough: making the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation a great place to work