Tweets about a recent trend: Meeka

@meeka_133 How do you think I feel when micha tweeted that πŸ’€
If anything meeka is impressed when mans breathes πŸ’€
@meeka_133 Exactly I wasn’t prepared for such bde
@meeka_133 I’m definitely still not okay
This nigga Quilly a weird bul πŸ˜‚
@meeka_133 that’s why that shit happened πŸ˜”
@meeka_133 @NorganKaylee i wanna know when the person that’s playing me is gonna upgrade my character. i want new clothes and a glo up πŸ˜”
@meeka_133 @NorganKaylee hmm πŸ˜” nah i’ll get on if y’all are on
@trendibabi @meeka_133 That shit fucking glitched glitched πŸ’€
@NorganKaylee @meeka_133 the simulation we all live in? maybe it glitched last night πŸ‘€
@trendibabi @meeka_133 And keep in mind that this shit happened right after we were talking about the simulation-
@meeka_133 @NorganKaylee maybe i won’t get on tonight if y’all are on- πŸ‘€
@meeka_133 @NorganKaylee that just gave me the chills i don’t like this πŸ’€
@meeka_133 @trendibabi When you said it was on your phone - I was like oh hell no πŸ’€
@trendibabi @NorganKaylee @meeka_133 I was lastnight I was gonna get back on but I ended up passing out