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RT @lkildave: i’m grown i ain’t got to hide shit from NOBODY. either you like it or you don’t 🤷🏾‍♂️
@Meeka_MOnroe I’m scared of cracking it on my jumpseat
The older I get the more I realize of an asshole I use to be I only can pray and hope that I can mend the tears of…
My dogs name: Meeka What I call her: -Meeks -Bug -Buggie -Brat -Meeka mae
Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you and Meeka loves you too! 🌹🌸🌼🌸🌹 @FromYouFlowers #happybirthday #flowers
@Meek4343 Idk meeka. It was quick tweet. It gone now. But if you Google it's there. Your thoughts?
@datmahomielover @ThilinaHW Wade poddak speed karanda haduwe meeka dan kal adenawa wadiye
RT @KastroKefi: My reaction when I finally listened to Kodak Black’s ‘ZeZe’ expecting a banger
RT @GuwopPrincesss: All I want is a clear head and a happy heart
RT @ItsJussJayla: No nigga has ever kept it 💯 with me..... that’s why I’m the way I am 🤷🏽‍♀️
RT @bahamiandoll2: Don’t Want To Get To Know Another Nigga 💯 Don’t Want To Love Another Nigga💯 Don’t Want To Meet Another Nigga Family…
RT @wholelottaary: I let a nigga do him CAUSE BITCH WHEN I START DOING ME??? He gone be SICK 🤣
RT @_sherrronnn: If we can pray together, that’s definitely a win win...
RT @Alopez1432: I know I don’t have that big of a Twitter following but the other night my parents store got broken into and it too…
RT @elleklinton: When u turn in a horrible assignment and u know it’s horrible but ur just soooooooo happy to be done w it
RT @BaskInRobynn: Depression can make people appear to be shady or disengaged when they’re really just dealing with their own shit. I…
Life Update | Renfest, Raccoon, Grandma & more: via @YouTube
RT @lovejfrancis: you weird if you usin someone who really fuck wit you
RT @JadeOhemaa: Someone needs to close the portal that these people are coming from