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@meeka_0203 All our faves in one screen! Liza is gorgeous! ☺️
We love our Husky Meeka, and we love our CAT who is NOT bought.. and all other 150+ kittens and mom cats we used to foster. ✌🏽
RT @PowerIifting: Live footage of bodybuilders fighting over bench on #chest day
@IsleOfElegy I am proud of you <3
RT @koopa_kinte: They really gave this complete stranger the confidence he needed to complete a task. Even pointed to the exact spot.
RT @TrendyDB_95: I mess with you and only you. You mess with me and only me. We not official, but we know wassup.
RT @TrendyDB_95: You gotta flirt with ya girl EVERYDAY like you still trynna pull her...
RT @TrendyDB_95: It’s embarrassing when you talk so highly about someone who ends up disappointing you in the end..
RT @TrendyDB_95: If this is your energy in a relationship then hmu..
RT @Slyxra: Self-defence techniques for women... Kindly share
RT @wealthymoses: On route to Tampa, and this man noticed my niece starting to fuss. He turned to what we thought would be a scolding…
RT @duhitzmaddii: Guys , my dad literally loves cooking so much, & owning this business means the world to him. His food is seriously…
RT @_unvRICH: it’s so much weight behind that piece of paper...personally and historically. but imma leave it alone. i don’t wann…
RT @P_J_Richards: 🌹"What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." 🌹Romeo And Juliet.…
@dhylee95 You clearly do as you’ve replied x
RT @ELDOLLAZ: wait wait wait wait hold the ABSOLUTE fuck is Tay K facing the death penalty in Texas then??
Yeyyy!!! Congratulations Bash!!
So proud of you Bash!!! @BaebyBaste ❤❤❤
@nyctophil3 Meeka stfu. You are really trying it rn lol