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RT @hoescrush: If I want you....never worry about who wants me
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@meeka_0203 @pilipit19 sayang talaga naiwan ko. huhu!
@meeka_0203 @safyre_0716 Ang smart nya nga eh! Lol 😂 Binebestfriend nya para no injection! Lol 😅
@pilipit19 @safyre_0716 Hahah katuwa ung kwento about that pink donut!! 😂😂
So happy for you!!! 😄😄😄
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Let me take my tired ass to bed. Goodnight!
Just up talking shit lmaooo.
I would like to go on a nice date. Like the whole wine and dine headass shit other people do lol. Thugs need love too lmaooo!
RT @CHUUZUZ: @aVeryRichBish Tiffany Haddish is really loving her best life. Imagine being friends with Beyoncé and now Oprah. Th…
RT @astrolovecosmos: #Sagittarius is communicative but can be unreliable with actions or promises. Heavier or entrapping emotions are avoided.
RT @astrolovecosmos: #Sagittarius being mutable has an impulse to collect and share info. Fire is open and expressive with identity. The…
Now i know everything needs time, so if things don’t get better right of the back then I’m going to understand and still keep pushing.
RT @MissyElliott: Last tbt many only know me as a artist & not as a writer & producer since the early 90’s another gem @TasiasWord…
But bad endings bring great beginnings and I’m excited!
RT @MatthewACherry: This is the girl that got discovered at Howard’s Homecoming last year on IG. Crazy.