God has put a gift and a call and a desire in your heart that is different than anyone else’s. And you’re wired that way for a reason.
One Indian state’s grand plan to get 23 million people online
RT @wired_jp: 体内の血糖値を測定し、必要に応じてインスリンを自動的に投与してくれる「人工膵臓」に、アメリカ食品医薬品局が認可を与えた。
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RT @WIRED: No one's got the time to sift through 12 million pages of declassified CIA files. So here are the greatest hits.
WIRED: The final trailer for 'Logan' has arrived
RT @SierraClub: Rogue Scientists Race to Save Climate Data from Trump: (@zoeschlanger @WIRED)
RT @WIRED: There's nothing to argue. Earth's temperature keeps shattering records because of human-caused climate change.
Fearing Trump will delete climate data, scientists are banding together to archive whatever they can via @WIRED
RT @wired_jp: 全長約61kmの非常に狭い公道を、平均時速約210kmで疾走する、世界で最も危険なバイク競技「マン島TTレース」はなぜ人を魅了するのか。
ZeleSouris® Ergonomic Design USB Wired LED Illuminated Backlit Multimedia Gaming K
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1. The Hate U Give 2. Wicked Like A Wildfire 3. Done Dirt Cheap 4. The Hollow Girl 5. The Bone Witch 6. Hard Wired…
Of course. Robots that look just like humans are a bad idea. They certainly don't walk among you. Us. We mean us.
it's 100% interpretive dance
This photographer has turned melted metal into art. 📷: Fabian Oefner via @WIREDPhoto
@bryanomalley @WIRED even I think this is pathetic. He doesn't have that kind of power. This stuff makes the crazy equal and opposite.
RT @zoeschlanger: EPA data may be taken offline under Trump. I spent the weekend with coders trying to save as much of it as possible…
RT @wired_jp: 高速インターチェンジを空撮した、幾何学的アートギャラリー──写真家ピーター・アンドリュー