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RT @karlymarxx: tarjei: social media is a plague. put down your phones and go outside! henke: if i eat a burger and don't post about it, did i really eat? 😜
RT @alishaclarkkk: Dont look to social media for an accurate representation of anyone else's life! Not everyone is out here makin the moves you think they are!
RT @britttanybucher: Don't use social media nearly as much as I used too
RT @Devonte_Riley: Don't block people on social media. Let them see how well you're doing... WITHOUT THEM! Trust me, they'll come back to watch! 🙃
Remember early tumblr or social media days when it was a Thing to be an asshole when responding to your messages like why the fuck,,
I feel sympathy for those that run the social media accounts of the teams and products that so often dissapoint me. #UnnecessaryConfessions
RT @TessOberg: you shouldn't need to be shown off on social media in order to feel important to someone
RT @Jacob_sanchez11: Find someone that can carry different conversations with you on multiple social media at the same time
RT @DYounowPolls: So many talented people on social media struggling to make it and this generation chooses to idolize a disrespectful girl & make her famous.
RT @mdedora: Several bloggers were arrested last week for social media postings critical of religion #FreeAyazNizami #Pakistan
RT @anna_grace16: don't you love when people break up & you literally watch them compete with each other over social media lol
Should you DO, DELETE or DELEGATE social media? Our Instagram friend @Amplify_U says it best: DO, if you have the...
RT @FalkenTire: .@GLCollectibles #ModelMonday #giveaway. RT & follow to enter to #win! Rules: @dreacwells
Nïgga hmu on all my social media accounts talking about "wyd?" Bout to block you tf ? 🙄😒😂
Social media isnt the problem.. It's the person you're with
RT @markgossin: @cllrjoeporter congrats No. 535 in the LGBTI+ Global Social Media Powerlist
Social media firms facing fresh political pressure after London terror attack
RT @dieci_cose: Gli imperdibili per chi vuole fare una buona social media analysis. #ilwebinpratica
10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Home Business Success #MLM #NETWORKMARKETING #MLMLEADS
RT @Imrvig: While wasting so much time on Social Media suddenly I get serious about my future and clicked on "Edu&job",now I'm…
@maryamnayebyazd Sina Dehghan has been sentenced to death for posting anti-islamic content on social media in iran #savesina
RT @FaZeBlaziken: Hii. Sorry for the recent inactivity on YouTube bros. Been dealing with some stuff & keeping away from social media. I'll be back monday :P
RT @TheLivingHeru: I love Women to death but women on social media going backwards. Like they so easily influenced to follow trends.
RT @Jamaalriya: i know college isn't for everyone😒🤦🏾‍♀️ but how can you sit home and doing nothing? no job.. no nothing, just on social media doing nothing🙄