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OMG Leland I love you! I have been banned from FB countless times for no given reason...Facebook's reasoning is...
@BagPurse @mrsjo27 @Jonny_Nabb @Fran_McNabb @connorstilrocks Don't worry I won't. Wee Ruthie won't apologise as she thinks the same way!
@Ronan_McNabb @eunan10 sticking with yous?? Ronan doesn't support soccer when yous lose eunan!!!!!!
Hey Sherry McNabb thanks for the follow!
RT @nuthinfunnytsay: @jonsnowC4 @Channel4News ah The Sun. The morals of a pimp and the logic of a doughnut. only good for papier mache and cat-trays.
@eunan10 well done lad. Can you give my mate @pauldromore a follow. #bigfan #retweetwilldome
RT @poppy_lovell: Had enough of this hot weather now, why can't it just be winter already 😫❄️
RT @45albannach: &this woman&her party have the audacity2stand blaming the SNP4her ENG Tory masters failings&incompetence!#indyref2
RT @LabourOutOfScot: Scotland gone, Changing boundaries removing Labour seats, this is the reality of it that we need to wake up to
RT @Jonny_Nabb: If we stick with the plan, get an independent Scotland in the EU, we can have 100% of the seats we vote for 👍
RT @dtaylor5633: Call Kaye later this morning A certain Express journalist on to talk about SNPBAD & her evil cybernat abuse
RT @LabourOutOfScot: And fools STILL cling to being 'Better Together' #indyref2
RT @WingsScotland: Thanks to Siobhan McFadyen of the Daily Express for her attempt to silence us yesterday.
RT @45albannach: Please join us on the 18th of September&lets all let SCO's voice b heard!#ScotlandinEurope #indyref2 #EndTorymisrule
RT @45albannach: 3 very telling pics when it comes to the #sleekitweeTories! They care not one bit for you or for Scotland!#indyref2!