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RT @BJCoyne1: "Be the kind of man you want your daughter to meet, never underestimate the power of love."~bj #KindnessMatters
RT @SimonSchusterCA: Today’s #MonthofBones giveaway is #BareBones by @KathyReichs! Enter for a chance to win a copy here:…
@CanadiensMTL Yes!👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻💕
RT @yannick_bisson: MAT, you'll be hearing more and more about this. It's revolutionary
@AliceEvansGruff Oh no, it broke😰 Not many...
I've had the best travel and event planner I know work on it- and I just can't pull the trigger for $15k for one...
I love dogs
RT @AlanChaput: May this beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean bring you pleasure. :D
RT @jason_yingling: I'm attempting to write a series of posts covering what you get when you make a brand-new #WordPress site. Here's…
The Mystery of “Me and Bobby McGee” Solved After 47 Years
@Jesse_McGee dude said "I ain't no little boy." 😂😭 no wonder you only post depressing shit. You have no idea how to talk to a girl bub.
3 #WordPress talks in a month. Not sure I would do it again but it was certainly an experience. All that matters is someone learned somethin
RT @KKirby88: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter repeat 🙇🏼
RT @AlexielApril: can we accept as canon that Sarenrae and TheRavenQueen take tea together?! #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleFanArt
Part 1- "Me and Bobby McGee" A #kriskristofferson number. I love you all~rs #composer #film
RT @_Joreto: @_Joreto Realized she looks too much like Rapunzel if I didn't emphasize on the dark hair :B #DisneyVex…
@ESPNSteinLine dont forget that Jarret Jack and Carl Landry are also still without teams....and yet jokes like McGee are playing!
RT @dog_rates: WE'RE BACK All previous designs + Brent! 🐶 Shirts, Hoodies, Tanks, Women's Shop Now ->