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The instructor in my accounting lab sounds just like Patrick Dempsey. So, in order to enjoy learning, I'm telling m…
Extremely hungry after my shift 😒
Necesito un McDreamy en mi vida
"I dont want 48 uninterrupted hours. I want a lifetime" McDreamy ugh
@TheMikeAlonzo Ooooooh I love me some McDreamy 😍💕
mcdreamy pulling meredith out of the water is goalz
Karen and I were roaming the halls of a hospital trying to find mcdreamy and mcsteamy
Very saddened by the news of Patrick Dempsey's mom passing. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Dempsey family! We got your back McDreamy ??
RT @omwlley: Derek Shepherd / Grey's Anatomy - vivo entre amor e odio - mr. tumor inoperável - mcdreamy - tento ficar cm raiva…
That whole speech mere gave mcdreamy when he called her a whore will always be one of my fav cause he broke both of our hearts
Derek shepherd ... why why did you have to die !😭tears watching this episode #GreysAnatomy #mcdreamy
RT @squaderek: Hj é aniversario do Patrick Dempsey, nosso querido Derek Shepherd, o mcdreamy, o homem de nossas vidas, oq diz é um…
@Ally_Mcdreamy @chy_leigh @NatalieAbrams @eastofeli I know right I think Chyler should've at least sang a duet with…
He's seriously the Derek Shepherd to my Meredith Grey 😍 he's my McDreamy 💋😋🙊
McDreamy... More like McJerky
McDreamy .. 😻🔥💙🐾🐾
RT @underrtheskinn: Derek Shepherd: - McDreamy - dios de neuro - amó a Meredith tanto - gran padre y amigo - NO MERECÍA MORIR - merder
@Ally_Mcdreamy Awe that's a cute pic 😜👍🏻@Ally_Mcdreamy