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RT @Learn_Things: This is how a McDonald's photoshoot works
Our goal is to provide a deeper understanding of not just McDonald's Pizza but the human experience.
We're #hiring! Read about our latest #job opening here: McDonald's Restaurant Careers - #TALLAHASSEE, FL
Extra bedding and a McDonald's box = rat fun tunnel play pit. As you can see Ryker likes it 😍
RT @stilescreams: 31- O primeiro McDonald’s do mundo, aberto na Califórnia, em 1948
Sits on the front steps of the school with a book to wait for @SneakyDragonD's return from McDonald's.
I'm at McDonald's & McCafé - @McThai in Pathum Wan, Bangkok
RT @Raymond_Alaniz1: McDonald's hands down is the worst fast food place ever
Le dije a mi mamá que me trajera una Hamburguesa de McDonald's y lo que me trajo fue una cajita feliz.
RT @lovemotar: The trump protesters broke a McDonald's window & a protester said that wasn't for him that was for the ice cream machine always being down😭💀
Essas horas que eu tenho raiva da linha alimentadora da Taquara!!!! QUERO MEU MCDONALD'S DE VOLTA
RT @McDonalds_Ecu: Es verdad que los Imperdibles a toda hora de McDonald's están todo el día, todos los días y hoy también: nuestros l…
If I had to describe my weekend it would be McDonald's messing up my order from a medium fry to a large
Warren Buffett once bought Bill Gates lunch at McDonald's with coupons
I can't get away from these Mac jr's at McDonald's..smh
This girl is eating her choker, charging her hover board, and staring at me from across the McDonald's 😂
It's gonna be real funny when I'm going around singing the gospel to churches all around and there stuck at McDonald's
Eu não aguento mais beber leite e comer amendoim!!!!!! Quero McDonald's
I'm at McDonald's/McCafe in Singapore, singapore
RT @grubstreet: McDonald's hired a team of robotics and aerospace engineers to help them reengineer the common straw
Teen lesbian couple forced to leave McDonald’s for kissing · PinkNews
RT @MeDicenPaola: Quiero comer papitas de McDonald's en cantidades industriales
This artist handed out $100 bills to the ladies that missed work to go to his interview. Where he think they work? McDonald's 🤔