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I have cried over and over this year, staring at photos of smiling faces taken away because of gun violence.
While others can turn it off it’s my job to look at the faces of those babies killed today. The faces of every victim in every shooting.
@laurgr94 @Elise_McCann I feel like I did a drawing years ago but have no idea, what happened to it, it wasn't very good anyway!
RT @Susanjmccann: Where are you on the river of life? Are you just drifting? Or have you planned a course? - Susan McCann #quote
I liked a @YouTube video Fine Art tips witn an Incredible Art Lesson with Master Artist Barry McCann on Colour
@Cerb32 @McCannCaseTweet Paedophilic behaviour is endemic in Portugal. She exported and promoted it. Seen the press reports? #mccann
RT @enews: Ten years ago, Madeleine McCann disappeared without a trace—but the search for the truth still continues.…
@bruch_amy @IDdiscoveryCa Didn’t say I was. Police count, not Bums on Twitter. #mccann
The latest Buyers Credit - All of #BuyersCredit! Thanks to @propwebmasters @beachlooprealty @lucas_mccann #buyers
#Chile Una misteriosa “mujer de púrpura” podría indicar el paradero de Madeleine McCann -
RT @McCannCaseTweet: @Cerb32 There is nothing I would want from that disgusting couple. They didn't deserve Madeleine Your tweets have…
How long until people start believing women who are victims of domestic and sexual violence... how many more deaths and rapes?
Strongest lead do far: Mommy and Daddy killed Madeleine McCann
RT @KyleClark: The Columbine school shooting shocked America. As of today, it is no longer one of the 10 deadliest shootings in modern US history.
Quién es "la mujer de púrpura" que podría indicar qué pasó con Madeleine McCann - Infobae
@KateMontgom See, and I just watched Stranger Things and went deeeeeep on some Madeleine McCann forums. At least yo…
RT @AlfieMartin97: Mate these celebrity names actually do me in 😭 how's ferne mccann called her baby Sunday
Greg Downey - Vivid Intent (Simon McCann Remix) [Discover Records (UK)]
151/ Colum McCann's Dancer is a stunning tribute to Rudolf Nureyev. Gorgeous descriptions of Russian life, reflections on dance & art.
RT @dirt_fairy: Mass shootings are an intimate partner violence problem. Literally almost all attackers have history of IPV.
@Shastina_Eloff @onelove1peepl When will Scotland Yard move in for Madeline McCann ?
RT @thronesfacts: Rory McCann says people come up to him all the time saying “Excuse me Mr. McCann, could you tell me to fuck off?” S…
RT @SandraG05080399: Hope Podesta Bros r compared to artist’s sketch of possible abductors of Madeline McCann! Pedophiles! #Pizzagate
RT @InfobaeAmerica: Quién es "la mujer de púrpura" que podría indicar qué pasó con Madeleine McCann
RT @thronesfacts: Before Rory McCann became an actor, he spent several years as a Lumberjack