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@W00D3Y thanks for the follow followed you right back
@W00D3Y @christy_mcafee @Lrevaz @Unicori @justjudee @MaxineWaters... The people running against them must be even worse. :(
@W00D3Y @Lrevaz @Unicori @justjudee @MaxineWaters running against Maxine Waters retweet Omar Navarro he's awesome
@W00D3Y @Lrevaz @Unicori @justjudee @MaxineWaters I wish I had an answer you know people vote for the incumbent and I don't know why
@penny_mcafee @Brotatopics @TheMarkRomano a toddler is understating at least they can grow out of it
RT @rileyg2000: Never liked blondes anyways πŸ˜‰
@christy_mcafee @Lrevaz @Unicori @justjudee @MaxineWaters I don't understand how they get elected, theres dumb and theres nancy pelosi
@TaraG01 see I have not seen that however I would really like to
@TaraG01 and that's horrible those people we need to be listening to because they know the real deal
@Lrevaz @Unicori @justjudee @MaxineWaters well I think it got worse after her lobotomy
John McAfee: 'I Can Promise You It Wasn't Russia Who Hacked the DNC': via @SputnikInt
@Lrevaz @Unicori @justjudee @MaxineWaters you know I have really started paying attention in the past 3 years and become political
@W00D3Y @Lrevaz @Unicori @justjudee @MaxineWaters well a couple of weeks ago she said Bush was still president
Eh lo pake anti-virus apa? | "McAfee! kalo lo apa?" | Dettol | "...." #konyol :v
@gsrasche @justjudee @MaxineWaters as ashamed as I am to admit this Nancy gag Pelosi is my representative and no I did not vote for her
@Lrevaz @Unicori @justjudee @christy_mcafee @MaxineWaters Pelosi works for president bush thats what she said
@mtnanjel I don't know some stupid Twitter list I just blocked the person it was just something stupid
@Lrevaz @Unicori @justjudee @MaxineWaters oh and just FYI Pelosi is my representative it pains me to say it
@christy_mcafee @justjudee @MaxineWaters yes...Just like her pal Nancy. Both are a JOKE!!
Not so. Franken spoke like a toddler with a temper.#unprofessional.@Brotatopics @TheMarkRomano