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RT @TerorisSocmed: Retorika Prestasi Palsu Ahok, Skenario Pembodohan Warga Jakarta
@doll_9O7 的中しすぎて笑った(笑)
RT @mcachicago: "Bitch, be realistic" Yes, we're talking about feminism and more from a purposefully all-male panel.…
@SecurityKaye @tonesy1 Brunt one somewhat similar but took 2 deflections so no assist. FPL 'assist' was Boruc's. His touch deflected to McA
@NameisNani next in the production of @SVC_official is titled #mca middle class abbayi #Venusreeram directs...
In the 19 First class matches played before the Test at the MCA stadium there has been just one 5 wicket haul by a spinner. #IndvAus.
RT @BKhaniri: The Kericho MPs said they were confident the region will vote for only Jubilee leaders from President to MCA. #RutoInKericho
@Euan1ate2 what's wrong with you 😂
RT @avcimucahit: "Atatürk bu ülkeye ne yaptı ki?" diyenlere cevap olması dileğiyle.. "Atatürk'ün icraatları."
@Chris__McA is literally out to ruin my reputation /life
@mca_6 外は冷えますが、体調は崩されませんよう...(´; ω ;`)🙏
RT @zaidibrahim: Di dalam blog saya: Suruhanjaya Diraja MCA dan Abdul Razak Baginda
teka hahahahahahahaahahahahhahahhahahaha meron din rizal sa mca hahahahahahahaahh
So, Is it #MiddleClassAbbayi - MCA.? Natural Star #Nani's next in the direction of #VenuSriram. #DilRaju production.
The Who LP Who Are You 1978 pressed on RED VINYL mca-3050
@Chris__McA fuck off people will believe this shit 😂😂😂😂
RT @TSNO_Online: Kepimpinan @barisanasional Parlimen Tg Karang di Sambutan CNY anjuran MCA Tg Karang. @mynohomar
RT @foools_gold: @marypepall_ happy bday you absolute peppal. love ur ma n da and house
RT @Coastguard_SOS: Very saddened to be receiving an extraordinary amount of messages about @MCA_media mismanagement of HM Coastguard. #Time2Act @CommonsTrans
RT @koech_ezequiel: Mwalimu, wishing you success as you aspire to be MCA
@m__mca 勉強しやんのに持って帰る意味無いやんって言うたやん😒😒😒😒