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@K_T_Mayers 👀👈 please not me. I'm the nice guy.
@K_T_Mayers I'll second that 😊😊
Wise words shared today by @Colbert_HCDE - As a leader, be decisive, don’t run from your mistakes, own your mistake…
@adela_mayers @orlamarie_x don’t know who dat is never met her never seen her x
@K_T_Mayers @rosey_red69 Yep porn hub my arse . , Real Life here 😊
@StlCardsCards in what world is hoping someone becomes Mike Mayers a good thing?
In general taking players dumped by a historically bad team isn't a great strategy, but the Cards pen is bad enough…
@K_T_Mayers I didn't mean it in a bad way was just a question
@jhonjr7769 El que me gusta es michael mayers HALLOWEEN
on a élu mickeal mayers enfaite mais avec un peu plus de vocabulaire
@shelseamonteiro no restaurante sabores do campo, pela glovo
rakim mayers alo
@K_T_Mayers Blessed are the boobies #tittyalmighty love it miss mayers xx
@OxBiGuy @K_T_Mayers Only second, what was 1st
@K_T_Mayers u putting ice cream on ur boobs now?
What can you make with 10 straws? Lots of interesting ideas. #discovering ⭐️❤️😊
@Kitty_Mayers Mata o time ué, vc é foda