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@DRIPYONCE @demarquis26 Nigga have you seen his tape against oak hill? Or his dunk contest? Gtfoh him and maya Moor…
Candace Parker and Maya Moore playing in the same era is what I imagine LeBron and Jordan playing in the same era would have been like.
@RobBurnsIV disagree. Why can't they be role models of being good ppl and respect. What's wrong with a kid looking up to Maya Moore?
ESPN Magazine May 23, 2016 WNBA 20 Years of Stars Maya Moore Cover by ESPN
@KateElliottSFF Cheryl Miller, Lauren Jackson, Maya Moore. But I change my mind daily.
Just got favorite player Maya Moore's logo today. 🔥😍🔥😍
RT @SportsMotto: Anything where you're keeping score, I want to win. – Maya Moore
RT @Jamesscott_22: The WNBA really get disrespected mane cause I know for sure maya moore and Candace Parker better then a few NBA players
@Iam_ds3ix mya Moore would be catching bodies
Just thought I'd inform y'all that she had zero clue who Maya Moore even was.
listen, the suburb I'm from is not particularly known for producing stars, but at least we've got Migos and Maya Moore
@WhitlockJason why carry Serena's bags v Rousey, how bout fellow women like Maya Moore or Breanna Stewart?
@mamadouman mane bachkéteuse yi lako langual gnome Maya Moore ohhh
If Mya Moore was my lyft driver I'm begging them digits
RT @SLAMonline: 12 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals for Maya Moore. Lynx up 34-28 over the Sparks at halftime.
Maya Moore for MVP and Minnesota Lynx for the ring, IM CALLING IT NOW!!
RT @SportsMotto: Anything where you're keeping score, I want to win. – Maya Moore
@TayaTremia I'm blaming this all on Miss. Mya Moore😭😭😭😭😭
Last time I really watched basketball maya moore was playing for uconn and Candace Parker Tennessee 😭
@iAmSPB15 he prolly lost like 4/5 games in 6 years. Maya Moore was legendary
RT @NBAVote23: Which WNBA Player Is Better Overall? RT: Maya Moore FAV: Skylar Diggins
@B_Usta1907 @MooreMaya o.clari bok gibi para var dogru Maya moore alirsak net Sampiyonuz
@B_Usta1907 @wmnbasketbol fener zaten iyi bir amerikali alsa sampiyonluk şansı yüzde yüz artar ama nerde o günler maya moore boşta kap işte.