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@Clash_with_Ash CoC's Holliday events are kind of underwhelming. They would be so much cooler if they skinned more things imo Doc Holliday: I just turned on the phone and you: Doc Holliday Doc Holliday: We know all about Sykes. That boy is: Doc Holliday
Holliday mood is already activated in my colleagues
Retweeted Christopher Holliday (@WhatChrisWrote): A writer learns that easy to read is hard to write ... ― C.J....
4 of 5 stars to A night in with Audrey Hepburn by Lucy Holliday
RT @Tactcs_: @CollisionCW "I can see why Holliday teams with you"
@CollisionCW "I can see why Holliday teams with you"
I was a pretty normal high school kid. I just loved to play sports and... #MattHolliday #quotes
鉛筆のHやBってなに? HはHard(硬い)の、BはBlack(黒い)の略で、Hの数字が多いほど芯は硬く色は薄くなり、逆にBの数字が多いほど濃く軟らかい芯になる。真ん中にあたるFはFirm(しっかりした)を意味している。
low key thinking about going to winstar rn ??? lmao i'm addicted 😭 Free Ship~std. no-reg./Roman Holliday HEAR IT IN THE NIGHT/Japan press 7" Vinyl
RT @SexualGif: "i just dicked u down 12 minutes ago and u already want it again?"
Heck! If I actually liked children, I might have considered being a Sooth covered Piet for the holliday #Sinterklaas
RT @pwoodreporter: Early voting starts THURSDAY in Maryland. Here's where Baltimore County voters can vote early.
RT @NubianNerd: A guy that I had previously curved commented on my facebook post of my dream Holliday tagging his new girl saying 'we need to go here next'
RT @girlposts: Remember to take it slow when giving cats frozen treats
#MOMOs ― Doc Holliday: I just turned on the phone and you via →
RT @nutellaANDpizza: My friends don't even reply to me in the group chat