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Marvelman Special #1 British Magazine Format Comic VHTF Alan Moore 1984 Fine-
@DCMopee @jojolion888 anyway it's 1:33am I'm going to bed, thanks for your help
@AuramAlexander what's your favourite Spider-Woman comic, I've never read one, I'll buy one of those too
@marvelman_man @jojolion888 Waterston sell trades and they are everywhere in UK
@jojolion888 @DCMopee I buy full graphic novels in store and single issues online
@jojolion888 @DCMopee Most book stores in England don't sell comics, I started getting them in eBay, now I get them off Forbidden Planet
@jojolion888 @DCMopee which are Batman, Superman, Flash and Green Arrow
@jojolion888 @DCMopee I don't really read current stories because there so many, just about caught up with the Rebirths I read
@DCMopee @marvelman_man buy trades or unlimited to get caught up then buy singles after you are caught up
@DCMopee @jojolion888 The God has spoken and I can't get trades only like 2 comic shops near me, I order online
@DCMopee @marvelman_man 90's Spider-Man stories The Gift Best enemies Spider-Man/Spider-Man 2099
@marvelman_man @jojolion888 yes but find things you like first few books off then buy trades it's what u do
@DCMopee @jojolion888 I would but I'd rather have physical copies
@marvelman_man @jojolion888 my advise get marvel unlimited and read EVERYTHING
@AuramAlexander Thanks, I'll check them out eventually and I love your channel keep up the good work
@DCMopee @jojolion888 this will be good, I have loads of classic DC graphic novels because I'm subscribed to a collection, they are good
@marvelman_man All-New, All-Different. Basically stuff that came out after Secret Wars and before this fall.
@DCMopee @marvelman_man pretty much it's some good random gems from 90's Spider-Man tho
@marvelman_man @jojolion888 consume copious amounts of vodca before entering 90's comics
@DCMopee @jojolion888 haha the 90's were dark times for comics so the legends go