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@Projecthelm @wilsonyhlee @marvelman_man Doesn't feel quite the same as superheroes. Sports changes are more frequent & expected.
RT @SethMacFarlane: Stan Smith leans proudly to the Right...
RT @JamesAcaster: My timeline is full of despair occasionally interrupted by Bake Off contestants saying how much they love each other
@MarvelMan_3 @GameTheoryRejct oh, thank you, I didn't know :)
RT @HogwartsLogic: In the Prisoner of Azkaban film, there's a painting of Voldemort dancing to The Fat Lady's singing
RT @HogwartsLogic: October 12th, 1963: Dave Legeno (Who played Fenrir Greyback) is born. Gone, but not forgotten. Raise your wands.
RT @HogwartsLogic: Home is where your Harry Potter books are
RT @HogwartsLogic: I love the classic Draco Malfoy eyebrow raise 😂
RT @HogwartsLogic: Wormtail joins Hermione's cause to help house-elves, Peter Pettispew.
RT @HogwartsLogic: What does Wormtail call his squad? The Peter Petticrew.
RT @HogwartsLogic: My grades: Harry Potter history: A* Harry Potter spells: A* Harry Potter obsessing: A* Everything else: ...
RT @HogwartsLogic: Can I add 'can quote entire Harry Potter film' to my CV?
RT @HogwartsLogic: Muggles won't be able to RT this tweet
RT @HogwartsLogic: The struggle between starting a new book and rereading the Harry Potter series is so real
RT @mrsundaymovies: There's also an international version of the #Logan trailer. One thing is new. No spoilers but it's awesome.
RT @WolverineMovie: Watch the new trailer for Logan. 3.3.17