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RT @ComicBook: Check out the AVENGERS trailer cut up in the style of the new JUSTICE LEAGUE movie! Zack Snyder be praised!…
RT @TASKvsTheWorld: #WomensHistoryMonth Day 27 #MuslimWomensDay: Sooraya Qadir aka Dust. Out shined by fellow Muslim Ms Marvel Dust sho…
RT @gaytonys: Marvel : hey wanna hear our new PLOT IDEA ? Marvel Exec : OMG What Is It!! M : Get This, we make Tony HYDRA! We can blame him for EVERYTHING
RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win a Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 box from Marvel Collector Corps!…
Look what I found at Target. These must be super rare. Lol. Wow I never knew. @Marvel
La vida es eso que pasa entre un estreno de Marvel y otro.
RT @AtomicPulp: So, who'd like to read an unpublished superhero comic from 25 years ago, written by Yours Truly & drawn by DC/Marve…
Let me see your war face! AAAAAHHH! Via #RetroGifmaster
RT @ultimateholland: marvel be like: ultron? TONY'S FAULT civil war? TONY'S FAULT vulture? TONY'S FAULT world wars? TONY'S FAULT global warming? TONY'S FAULT
RT @looper: Do you want to see a Sony Marvel universe?
RT @AgentedeMARVEL: ¡Sorteamos una taza Marvel a elegir! RT + Follow a @Tazatachan y @AgentedeMARVEL Fin: 30/03/2017
@NRLBoomRookies Roosters cowboys and storm didn't wear their marvel jersey's last week. Not sure why
I liked a @YouTube video from @GiUpdates Marvel & Netflix Iron Fist Review (Spoilers)
@goonielor @FYDCOMICSYCINE Joder pero por qué la gente tiene que odiar algo? Por qué no pueden disfrutar de Marvel…
RT @Marvel: Take flight. A new #SpiderManHomecoming trailer is landing tomorrow.
RT @AndresNavyz: ¿Podemos tener ya trailer de #THOR Ragnarok? @Marvel ✌🏻😅
Que me quede claro #IronFist = Buda+Dharma+Shanga, Kung Fu (India) #DrStrange = Magia mística+Artes marciales (India) no se conocen? #Marvel
Brie Larson Wishes She'd Had Captain Marvel Movies Growing Up
RT @supermorgy: I'm not yet ready to let you go as #CaptainAmerica @ChrisEvans #ChrisEvans You are my shield, my star and my hero F…
RT @BRIANMBENDIS: FYI! soon to be paramount picture Torso by Bendis and Andreyko is published exclusively by marvel / icon via @amazon
@GeekPride5 DC will always transcend Marvel, the mouse. In every way shape and form..sorry this trailer isn't fun besides the music...
Toinen on #TheFootClan ja toinen on #TheHand. En vaan osaa enään sanoa kumpi on kumman parodia. #TMNT #IronFist
Tim Duncan, Vanessa Macias just had a baby girl, named her after Marvel character
RT @Marvel: Take flight. A new #SpiderManHomecoming trailer is landing tomorrow.