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@FinalxHearts @marshmallow_exo I love you too! And I do this to take your mind off the hurricane💜💟💚
To com 146 fotos zuadas da Duda e a do marshmallow continua sendo a melhor
@PotionPounder ❝I-I'm not a liar! It's too much! People can see! Let me go!❞ His marshmallow like rear jiggled tha…
@MusicalMystic @marshmallow_exo Liz love you know that I love you and an hurricane its outside right now...why would you do this 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
RT @CakeCetera: Tried a posh #marshmallow yet? #gourmetmarshmallows #foodie #artisanmarshmallow #glutenfree…
@TheExile285 Yeah, I really really hate trophies like these or the "hit 1000 enemies with a marshmallow" type trophies.
I'd compare myself to a "toasted marshmallow" starts off cute then gets stabbed, kinda crisp around the edges, not as cute, but still tasty.
RT @MusicalMystic: @marshmallow_exo @FinalxHearts
When I see you looking at me, be polite and smile the fuck back 🙄✋🏽
YUMMY!!! Giant Skillet Chocolate Chunk & Marshmallow Cookie #MealInspirations #ad
ZTao thread for @marshmallow_exo and @FinalxHearts 💚💙💜❤️
gnight i love this marshmallow and my candy floss and u 💘