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Marshall: A drumroll? So what? that's it? You just said good night, went home and... performed the drum solo? #HIMYM
Only Christians can truly rejoice in trials, because only Christians find more of God there. Marshall Segall
RT @activixst: Don't chase em replace em
Kanye West attended the cloning center as a REM driven clone of himself @ Donald Marshall ......
@dodoymylove @AlexMatoza bes eksena yan si bakla pa exit natatawa yung marshall sknya HAHAAHAHAHAHHA nanginginig pa siya HAHAHHAAHHHAHA
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist [Adventure Time] I'm Just Your Problem (Marshall Lee)【Ashe】
RT @BrianJLove: Marshall, TX patent suits were also featured on Sunday Today show this morning
@The_Real_ShaunJ @HeartlandOnCBC @Amber_Marshall Oulala, I have plenty of stories that trot me in the head😁like Ty become a recognized vet👌
Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned. -Peter Marshall
RT @daudig: Just wait 'til Trump learns about the Marshall Plan
@thekingofleos patiently waiting for these donuts
@TomHales10 @Amber_Marshall Thanks.Just hard to get used to this little keyboard and the small screen. better than…
Dominic J. Marshall verzamelde zijn vrienden en samen leverden ze een mix van jazz, hiphop en elektronica af.…
RT @Carrie_Bradsh4w: Can we skip to the part where I’m wearing my husbands tshirt flipping pancakes in a pretty house with a good job and two big dogs
NWS: New details on the EF-2 tornado in Marshall - KLTV #hng #tornado
RT @SoloMo___: Y'all girls can nottttttt dress omg🤦🏽‍♀️
Jay Z attended the cloning center as a REM driven clone of himself @ Donald Marshall ......
RT @Lutherkid_: Teacher: The highest score was 98, the lowest was 34. Me to myself : Who TF gets 34? Me after getting my paper ⬇ 😂…
RT @Sacristonshoes: Goals from: Liam Tannahill x2, Jack Moon x2, James Marshall x2, @tomilly17, Andrew Illingworth and Jack McRobbie.
RT @GrahamJones_MP: ... A squad that Venkys have given away 2/2; Dann, Dann, Yakubu, Givet, Rhodes, King, Marshall, Gestede, Cairney, Keane, Duffy.