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I can’t with this team. 4-2. Lewis. And that’s the game.
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RT @YellowleesEmma: You piece of shit girl. All that dog wants is love and your making it miserable. RT to expose this bitch.
RT @oscarewilde: okay here's a thread of my favourite videos of all time...........
@evan_marquardt @RichLowry @GOP Moral like extending the CHIP program for 6 YEARS??
RT @FiveRights: Obama couldn't stop ISIS in five years, couldn't even contain them. Trump, with the same military, wiped out ISIS i…
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DESHARNAIS!!!!!!! 1-0!!!!
@evan_marquardt @RichLowry @GOP Moral like hurting people/families that won't be getting paychecks now?
@RichLowry It's interesting how people react differently when you try to do something moral. @GOP should give that a try sometime.
Pence shamelessly lies to our troops that Dems are taking their pay during the #TrumpShutdown. Today, Mitch McConne…
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I saw the notif for Matthew Peca being called up by @TBLightning and got really confused for a second