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I think I over did the Marmite today...but it's so good!!!
dezymotize marmite
dezincify marmite
dezincification marmite
dezincation marmite
Marmite > Vegemite
Wap lave nan rivie, wap bwe dlo nan marmite, wap binyin nan bokitt, wap pote nan brouette epi w se limena? 😂 #tonymixdjpeyiatonerr
Dezaley marmite
@Mehlorde gonna try the marmite as soon as i work up the nerve XD I've just heard so many horror stories!
why am I craving marmite at 3am
@scottnicholls Marmite was a test run before God invented the real stuff, @Vegemite
RT @PeterSm70988262: Reason 198 #AndyMurray deserves your #spoty vote. You love him or loathe him but you have to toast the number 1 in…
@ChrisHSport I think you'll find you've all spelled Marmite wrong.
deywoman marmite
@Salgexicon if you can find some, then marmite on toast
deyship marmite
RT @NudistInTrainin: Tea with milk and sugar, a muffin with Marmite, and a cock with a foreskin #britabroad #nakedathome #tastesofhome
deyhouse marmite