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@F3Houston @f3brexit VQ #TheHogg 9 PAX posted at the 6am WO for MARMITE. God bless her majesty!
La terre edt une grande marmite ➡ et les hommes 👦👶 sont la viande 😂🍖🍗🍤
You need to try our Ham, Cheese and Marmite pudding!
RT @cjameswd: I feel like salted caramel is the marmite of the dessert world.... 🤔
I feel like salted caramel is the marmite of the dessert world.... 🤔
Craving marmite butter so hard after a visit to @AlmostFamousGN when travelling the other day. Hnnnnggghhhhhhh 😩 #needtomovenorth
@MargaretAtwood Amazing :) I adore reading and I work with refugees. So double win. Thanks for lending your support. Also LOVE your books!
Asda are selling marmite flavoured chocolate Easter eggs wth 😑
Well... tbh... I thought they might have an issue when they put up the price of Marmite.. then the Iceberg hit.. To…
RT @OxymoreOfficiel: Face Cachée dans la marmite, Oxymore vous prépare quelque chose Bientôt... Preparez vous Cc @H_Maann @AllanHanit_…
@PsCoys Love how they exchange items. So like we didnt have the marmite you ordered so heres a ladies 44DD bra...🤔🤔🤔
@VOOK64 "marmite is basically vegemite"
@BrexitCentral and we can sell them Marmite, yipee!
@bristollemonade I like the hot chic with bacon, with either the clucking fries, marmite or Mexican fries
Had #Marmite for b'kfast. Marmite. Trans: French: "cauldron". One UK's most iconic foods, more European than many who eat it. Sigh. #Remain
Its like marmite I refer ot the female cameltoe impression our clever marketing people have scoured the earth and...
Cheese spread and marmite sandwiches are heaven on earth
RT @YeahLikeAFox: One way or another Unilever was getting that marmite money! #MarmiteGate #tescobank #tescobankhack
RT @Inrap: [Conférence] De la marmite à l’assiette, céramiques au quotidien à #Lyon 16-18e s,15/03 @museesgadagne…
Marmite cheese on toast is the one 👌🏻