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RT @BBallSociety_: Mark Cuban Unhappy With Losing Season: "I guess I can go to Russia and ask them to hack the NBA" -
@FoxNews @mcuban We are now asking Mark Cuban about politics?? He missed his Trump news here
@FoxNews @mcuban - Mark Cuban sounds like a true patriot.
60% of a watermelon is a whole lot better than 100% of a grape. ~ Mark Cuban #quote
RT @SizweDhlomo: Mark Cuban in Billions Ep 4.
RT @adamoviola: Mark Cuban says the world’s first trillionaire will be an #AI #entrepreneur [] #SWAAAP
@FoxNews @mcuban Mark Cuban is so cool, he's my favorite shark!
@MoJocowboys That is EXACTLY Y Mark Cuban DID NOT SUPPORT Trump! EJ
Mark Cuban Makes A Strange Admission
@FoxNews @mcuban thank you Mark Cuban. Correct, reasonable stance. Tax as % of income vs % of net worth important context.
Don't worry Mark Cuban. The russia issue will not go away. trumpy wumpy would like us to forget but we won't.!
@YpsiBraveScotty @FoxNews @mcuban your thinking of DJT, not mark Cuban, do your homework.
I love it when mark Cuban trolls orange Hitler!
@ericbolling if we half to listen to other billionaires ignorant opinions on Health Care why not put othr billionaires on besides Mark Cuban
@covenantlite replace ‘Mark Cuban’ with ‘Donald Trump’ and the argument gets stronger
@ericbolling I agree with Mark Cuban. But you kept comparing him to Bernie Sanders. Your stupidity on that subject is pure ignorance.
@FoxNews @mcuban Why is Mark Cuban getting so much air time. He's a nothing-burger. Supported the loser. Betrayed his friend.
a great argument against capitalism would be that mark cuban is a billionaire and maintains influence over the zeitgeist
@FoxNews @mcuban Mark Cuban is a idiot! Mark stay out of politics, you don't know nothing about politics! Why you go play with Dallas Dolls!
@FoxNews @mcuban Let us see your effective tax rate Mark Cuban.
The Cost of Freedom 3/25/17 | Mark Cuban talks health care, tax reform and wiretapping
RT @realDonaldTrump: @JeremyPage3011 Mark Cuban can't beat me at anything. He is one of many on Shark Tank and Apprentice has been a much, much bigger show!
@FoxNews @mcuban Mark Cuban is a idiot! Mark Cuban get a life go play with your Mavericks teams and stay out of politics!
@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews watching Mark Cuban this morning. Lots of talk. Bring him on board and put him in charge of forming that coalition