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RT @Filip75012: En cas de problème technique chez Twitter...
Une excellente journée et Bon Samedi à VousDeux @Jarod1224 @toutiOuistiti 😘😘🙈🙈
RT @shelbz816: Just saw a Women for Donald Trump bumper sticker... 😒
RT @marios_magic: "Fuck. My chicken fell out." -shelbz @ flying saucer #livetweet
@glennmelvin A flash of green that could keep a man mesmerized for a lifetime #tweetforme #livetweet #followme
If any of y'all like to play made Marios, I just finished a course I spent the past few days on that turned out pre…
Hey you..wish you nothing but the best yaaa...😇🙏🏽makin bijak..rejeki nya… (w/ Poetri, MarioS, & Indra) [pic] —
RT @jrudd_23: I like the way you're walking if you're walkin my way
RT @candelario_50: Seeing old friends is the best
RT @yuppdeyinha: Mpr (MARIOS POWER RANGERS) I LOVE YOU GUYS @Selmanftjara @KindRowlands @SpankingSelman @VIRTUESELMAN @AWEECLAYTON…
; Racheal - unloyal as fuck - rides marios dick on the daily - would fuck mario for free - "rachel" - worriedselma…
RT @KingKongTV: Ya llegó su Marios Bros... princesas.
Ya llegó su Marios Bros... princesas.
Don't leave your phone unattended when marios around @maaariiio_
@marios_brother you thought I was a loving father but it was ME, CLUCK BUCK
oh awww & im at the sorta top of marios likes :)
RT @victorallen: Mario’s Magic Mixtape: #mariohemsley, #tyronedubose review old school mix of music selections.
Chicken Little's dad is worse than Dio