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FIFA 18 - FC Barcelona & Brazil Defensive Skills | Manager Career: μέσω @YouTube
RT @Galaxyoogale: straight people flirting: hey...i like you a wanna see a movie sometime? ;) gay people flirting: *sending…
RT @severalcrows: “we need to have a podcast together” is the millennial “dude, we should totally start a band”
RT @sassphic_reshi: Happy 6th Anniversary, #fireemblemawakening <3 And happy early birthday to the best daughter, Lucina :D Awakening w…
RT @lnigowain: Happy birthday to my absolute queen Lucina 💕💕
RT @bobvulfov: what scared me at age 8: -quicksand -snakes -boat scene from willy wonka what scares me now: -dying alone -boat scene from willy wonka
RT @Humaiun_C: When you have to ask your mum something but she's on the phone so you follow her silently waiting for her to end he…
RT @haydensmub: looks like lucina got a nintendo labo for her birthday huh