Dockers Manfail

@Merlinho_ so you can make false accusations of homophobia? No thanks
@Merlinho_ I promise you, I’m not worried about it at all.
@gehrig38 normalizing sexually predatory behavior is disgusting, you prurient sick fuck. i had mad respect for you on the mound. #manfail
And leave it to a man to think I'm stupid or uneducated because I'm a woman.#manfail
When the man says the wrong thing!! #manfail
I really shouldn't laugh at this...but I can't help it. #ManFail
@Ravious101 @Sup3rDang My personal fear of cockroaches makes women superfluous? #manfail
I'm usually right when I say we need to order central heating oil. Only a fool would ignore ... we all know where this is going ... #manfail
Bit of an over trim with my new clippers... God damn it :( #manfail #beardfail #fail
@SarahMillican75 - they were her birthday present from August - she was really looking forward to it!!! #idiot #manfail